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What makes a good team member?

- Listening to ideas

- Encouraging others to interact

- Respecting others ideas

- Sharing information to create a positive, collaborative team environment

- Good communication skills

- Reflection


What are the benefits of working in a team?

- Improved productivity

- Improved quality

- Speeds up development of solutions

- Increase employee morale/motivation

- Create synergy through utilitisng different skill sets


What are the characteristics of an effective team?

- Common sense of purpose

- Clear understanding of team objectives

- Resources to achieve objectives

- Respect (individuals & their professional opinion)

- Appreciate strengths & weaknesses of team members

- Trust

- Willingness to share info & speak openly

- Range of skill sets


How would you run a meeting effectively?

Have an agenda including:

- Start and end times

- Times against each item

- Easiest items at the start and end, biggest in the middle


How would you deal with a team member that was over enthusiastic/not focused?

- Thank them for their contribution but clarify the key information required

- Direct questions at colleague

- State it should be discussed in more depth after the meeting


How would you deal with a disruptive team member?

- Analyse the situation to be clear about the issue/people affected

- Privately inform them their behaviour is not appropriate and ascertain why they act this way

- If no reason, request they improve conduct in future


What would you do if the behaviour of disruptive team member did not improve?

- Report to senior management and request replacement

- If in a project team, speak to client and senior management about replacement


How would you build relationships and trust between a team?

- Team building exercises

- Social events

- Sports


How would you deal with being brought into a project after another QS had left?

- Meet client and project team, find out what went wrong

- Analyse situation and propose recovery plan with buy in


Why is it difficult to have a high performing construction project team?

- Lack of trust between client and contractor

- Projects are long, change of personnel inevitable