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Freiburg - social planning

Local people are involved in urban planning
Views of children
Locals can invest in renewable energy resources and get financial return and free football tickets
Financial rewards to those who compost and use textile nappies


Freiburg - economic planing

Providing people with employement
Conferences on sustainability - jobs
Lots of jobs in research and manufacture of solar technology


Freiburgs solar valley

More than 10,000 employed in 1500 environmental businesses in the city
1000+ in solar technology industry


Environemntal planning - Freiburg

Ensures resources aren't washed and environment is protected
Reduce waste and increase RECUCLING and reusing
Use of brownfield sites


Facts and figures about how environmentally friendly Freiburg is ?

1 million corks recycled pa
90kg per head of non recyclable waste - Deutschland is 122
88% of packaging recycled
350 community collection points for recycling


Freiburg - green spaces

40% of city is forested
44,000 trees planted in parks and streets
44% of wood from city's rests is used for umber but 75% grows back within a year


Freiburg - traffic management

Integrated traffic plan updated every 10 years
TRam network - 30km, 70% live within 500m of a stop, every 8 minutes
Low car density
400km of cycke paths
Bike and ride
As a result of transport -tram journeys increased by 25,000 and car journeys reduced by 30,000 in one year


Freiburg - sustainable energy

Have strict policy based on
Energy saving
Efficient tech
Renewable energy source

Plan to be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2020
400 solar panels installed already


Sustainable water supply - Freiburg

Green roofs
Drainage wet land s
Collection of rainwater
Unpaved tramways


Singapore - traffic management

As a result of traffic policies ;
- 45% less traffic and 25% fewer accidents in centre ville
2/3 of all daily journeys - public transport


High petrol
Government sharing schemes
Financial incentives
Overhead railwa and bus improvements
Restricted entry int city


Beijing -sustainable traffic management

Because of ,,,, =20% drop in car use and 12% drop in car park use

Expansion of public transport
Increased parking fees
Only 20% who apply for a car can get one
Restriction on vehicle use - 1 day. A week not allowed