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What is sustainable development?

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs


Who takes care of sustainable development now a days?

-UN Conference on Human Environment (Stockholm 1972), in which the UNEP (UN Environmental Program) was created
-World Commission on Environment & Development 1983 (Brundtland Report 1987)


What does the Brundtland Report (1987) state?

-Development at the expense of the environment
-The threat of global warming
-Resource depletion & poverty
-Population growth trends
-Increasing trade
-Increasing investment
-Jeopardizing in the future


Which are the three main elements of sustainable development?

-Economic growth
-Social inclusion
-Environmental protection


Which are some of the progresses in terms of sustainable development, since the Brundtland Report (1987)?

-Less poverty
-Greater access to energy/electrification
-Investment in green tech
-Renewable energy sources
-Population growth
-Income inequality prevails
-Greater use of resources
-Scarcity & shortages


Which are some of the critiques against sustainable development?

-Ambitious yet general summit decisions
-Increased debate & awareness (slow progress)
-Climate change as predominant


Which are the characteristics of the 17 Goals to Transform our World?

-Not legally binding; states as primary responsible
-Monitoring through indicators
-Annual report by Secretary-General
-Annual high-level meetings


What does global warming mainly consist of?

-Greenhouse effect
-Sea level & temperature rise
-Warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets & extreme natural events
-Trees flowering sooner


What does Goal #1: No poverty consist on?

Eradicating poverty rates


What does Goal #2: Zero hunger consist on?

Ending hunger, achieving food security, and doubling agricultural production


What does Goal #3: Good health and well-being consist on?

Ensuring clean water, sanitation, reducing diseases, reducing the global maternity mortality rate, reducing premature deaths, access to sexual and reproductive services, information, and education


What does Goal #4: Quality Education consist on?

Ensuring inclusive and quality education for all, basic literacy skills, and increasing the supply of qualified teachers


What does Goal #5: Gender equality consist on?

Ending discrimination and violence against women, eliminating all harmful practices against women, giving them equal right to economic resources


What does Goal #6: Clean water & sanitation consist on?

Achieving universal and affordable drinkable water for all


What does Goal #7: Affordable & clean energy consist on?

Ensuring affordable, reliable, sustainable & modern energy for all


What does Goal #8: Decent work and economic growth consist on?

Achieving higher levels of economic production through diversification, and improving resource efficiency


What does Goal #9: Industry, innovation & infrastructure consist on?

Providing fixed phone lines for people, and increasing the research of a country's infrastructure


What does Goal #10: Reduced inequalities consist on?

Appropriate legislation against discrimination, human rights, and ensuring protection in developing countries


What does Goal #11: Sustainable cities & communities consist on?

Ensuring housing, and protecting the world's cultural and natural heritage


What does Goal #12: Responsible consumption & production consist on?

Measuring efficiency of supply chains, managing environmental chemicals used for production, and encouraging companies to adopt sustainable practices


What does Goal #13: Climate action consist on?

Helping underdeveloped countries to be sustainable


What does Goal #14: Life below water consist on?

Expanding research on marine species and protecting these from illegal businesses, and reducing waste


What does Goal #15: Life on land consist on?

Ensuring conservation, restoration and sustainable use of territories, reducing degradation, protecting species, restoring degraded land


What does Goal #16: Peace, justice & strong institutions, consist on?

Ending abuse, exploitation and all forms of violence, granting access to justice for all


What does Goal #17: Partnerships for the goals consist on?

Strengthening domestic resource mobilization, mobilizing financial resources, and implementing investment promotion