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What are RICS doing to support surveyors in regards to sustainability?

- Research - The future of policy and standards for low and zero carbon homes
- Training (Renovalue) - Integrating sustainability in Valuation practice.
- Data - RICS Building Carbon database, a 'building passport', a public resource to benchmark decisions, and find comparative data.
RICS docs - PS 'Whole life carbon assessment for the built environment' 2017, IP 'Sustainability and Residential Property Valuation' 2011.
- World Built Environment Forum - increase expert collabortation and share insights on the built environment.


What are the current EPC rules?

Needed whenever a property is built, refurbished (when heating/air con/ ventilation is altered), sold or rented.


What are the key principles of the Climate Change Act 2008? And how have these changed recently?

Legally binding commitment to cut Co2 emissions by 80% from 1990 level to 2050. Amended in 2019 to achieve net zero by 2050.


What does the EPBD stand for? And what is the legislations purpose?

Energy Performance of Building Directive - a european legislation to compel all states to ensure buildings are subject to building labelling and energy use reduction.


What are the five key provisions of the EPC regime?

1. Higher standards of energy conservation
2. Establishing a calculation methodology
3. Minimum requirements for energy performance
4. Energy certification for buildings when sold or let
5. Mandatory inspections of boilers & ac systems


Which residential properties are exempt from EPC certification?

- Listed buildings/conservation areas
- Religious buildings
- Buildings with no heating
- Buildings due to be demolished or redeveloped
- Temporary buildings (less than two years)


What information must be listed on an EPC?

Floor area
Reference no.
Rating A+ - G
Estimated running costs
Benchmarking information
Techincal Info


How long is an EPC valid for?

10 years unless the building is altered.


What are the EPC penalties for residential property? And who is responsible for this?

Residential: £200 fixed penalty
Local authority Trading Standards


What is the purpose of MEES 2015? And the key policies for property owners?

Make it unlawful to let a building unless it has a minimum EPC rating of E. For residential it has applied to all existing leases from 1st April 2020.


What are the exemptions from MEES?

If a building is exempt from having an EPC.
If the tenancy is for less than 6 months, or longer than 99 years.
If it’s not feasible to improve the EPC rating to the min. level.
When a devaluation case of more than 5% can be proven.
Exemptions MUST be pre-registered on the local authority’s PRS Exemptions Register and renewed 5-yearly.


What effects are MEES policy changes having on property owners? April 2019

Landlords of residential properties are required, from April 2019 to spend up to £3,500 to improve the energy efficiencies of their property. (E rating)


What are other regulations associated with sustainability?

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme & Climate Change Levy


What is ESOS

An energy assessment scheme that is mandoatry for large organisations in the UK. Three requirements to:
1. Measure total energy consumption across business
2. Conduct energy audits and identify energy recomendatons
3. Report compliance to Environment agency


What is the Climate Change levy?

Tax on energy used by businesses. Charged by energy provider who pass it onto UK Treasury. No tax for renewable sources.


What are the recent changes to the climate change act 2008?

UK commited to achieving net zero by 2050. Funds and REITS have also commited to net zero under a Better Buildings Partnership pledge.


How do they intend to achieve net zero?

UK Green Building Councul have established a framework for the achieving net zero:
1. Identify net zero carbon scope
2. Reduce construction impacts
3. Reduce operational energy use
4. Increase renewable energy use on and off site
5. Offset any remaining carbon


Why are developers considering renewable materials and technologies?

Achieving a low carbon emission solution produces potential payback period which is attractive to purchasers.


What sustainable initiatives did the government outline in the recent budget?

- The Nature for Climate Fund - £640m (tree planting and restoring peatland)
- £5.2bn over 5 years to combat flooding. Investing in SuDs to manage water flows
- Earlier the government stated by 2025, it would introduce a future homes standard for new build homes as part of building regs.


Do you think enough is being done to achieve net zero?

I think the actions outlined in the budget were slightly disappointing. I would like to see more of an emphasis on sustainable transport, the introduction of electric cars and charging docks.


Which countries have also pledged to be net zero?

Bhutan, Costa Rica, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, France, Iceland, Japan, the Marshall Islands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.


What are the key principles of the energy act 2011?

1. A step change in the provision of energy efficiency measures to homes and businesses,
2. Makes improvements to enable and secure low-carbon energy supplies
3. Fair competition in the energy markets


What is its definition of sustainability?

Meeting the needs of today without prejudicing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Why are occupiers and investors keen to improve their carbon footprint?

Ethical driver – it’s the right thing to do
Legal – there is legislation in place
Economic – affects things like tenant attitude, Market Rent


What is MHVR

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery provides fresh filtered air into a building whilst retaining most of the energy that has already been used in heating the building. Heat Recovery Ventilation is the solution to the ventilation needs of energy efficient buildings.


Witchford - what is solar battery storage and what was the cost?

A device that reserves energy for later consumption that is charged by a connected solar system. The cost was estimated at £2,500 per unit.


Witchford - what is electric car charging dock and what was the cost?

An EV charging dock is an element in an infrastructure that supplies electric energy for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles. The cost is estimated at £1,000 at construction stage, for retrofit it is more like £2000 per unit.


Are you aware of any proposals for EV charging docks?

New government proposals to have an EV charging dock to each new house. Other options for developers to install the EV cabling as ducting infrastructure, which the EPBD refers as a minimum.


What is the Brundtland report?

Published in 1987 by the UN. Defined the principles of sustainable development.


What is the important role sustainability plays in real estate?

As surveyors, we are uniquely placed to steer the built environment towards more sustainable practices.
Important to make buildings more sustainable to help meet carbon emission targets (cut by 100% - increased target in 2019 - under 2008 Climate Change Act), to reduce the costs involved in running a building, and to meet social/cultural demand for more sustainable building.