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Chapter 1

-the narrator Nick is introduced

-Nick lives in a small house next to Gatsby's mansion in West egg

-Nick goes to visit his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom in East egg

-Tom is cheating on Daisy and is a racist

-Jordan Baker is a golfer

-Nick goes back to West Egg, sees Gatsby standing on his dock, reaching out to the green light on Daisy's dock


Chapter 2

-Nick and Tom go to the Valley of Ashes to meet Myrtle

-we meet George Wilson, who is Myrtle's husband who runs a repair shop

-Myrtle says she's going to meet her sister in Manhattan, but she's going to the city to stay with Tom

-Everyone gets drunk, Daisy is mentioned and Tom breaks Myrtle's nose


Chapter 3

-Nick is invited to one of Gatsby's infamous parties

-Nick is one of the only ones who are actually invited to his party

-Nick tries to find Gatsby, but sees Jordan instead

-They go and find Gatsby, and he asks to speak to Jordan alone


Chapter 4

-Gatsby takes Nick out to explain who is really is

-Gatsby tells Nick his family are all dead and he inherited their wealth

-Nick meets Meyer Wolfsheim for the first time, and he tells Nick that Gatsby would not so much look at another mans wife

-Gatsby tells Nick that he is an Oxford man, and Wolfshiem confirms

-Jordan tells Nick that Gatsby and Daisy know each other due to them having a past relationship before Gatsby was sent to war

- Nick invites Daisy to tea so Gatsby can meet her


Chapter 5

- Gatsby arrives at Nick's and checks everything is ready

-Gatsby is very nervous

-Daisy arrives and it is very awkward

-Nick leaves the pair alone, and when he returns, he finds that they are comfortable

-Gatsby shows Daisy around his home


Chapter 6

-we find out that Gatsby's real name is James Gatz

- James was born to poor farmers and he left home at 16 and saved Dan Cody from drowning. he became his mentor to show him how to be a proper man

-Tom and Daisy go to one of Gatsby's parties, Daisy doesn't like it

-Gatsby believes that he can repeat the past


Chapter 7

- Nick is invited to lunch with everyone

-they all go to Manhattan, Daisy and Gatsby go in Tom's car and Nick, Tom and Jordan go in Gatsby's car

-Gatsby says that Daisy never loved Tom, and she agrees but says Gatsby wants too much

-they go home after Tom wins the argument

-Daisy hits Myrtle with Gatsby's car


Chapter 8

-Gatsby tells the story of himself and Daisy

-Nick goes to work and comes back to find Gatsby has been shot, and George is dead by shooting himself


Chapter 9

-Nick rings Daisy to tell her Gatsby is dead, she never calls back

-Gatsby's father arrives mortified

-very few attend Gatsby's funeral

-Nick moves back home as the city makes him sick

-its revealed that Tom gave Gatsby's name to George