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Name the two functions of the testis

Produce sperm and storage
Androgen production


Name five functions of the epididymis

Transport of sperm
Maturation of sperm
Concentration of sperm
Secretion of nutrients
Storage of sperm


Describe the process of erection and ejaculation

Spongy tissue in penis fills with blood and therefore an erection was formed.
Ejaculation occurs when semen is released into the female reproductive tract. Sperm is mixed with secretions from accessory gland known as seminal fluid which make up 95% and sperm which makes the final 5% to make semen.


Give normal number of sperm per ejaculate in rams and bulls

Rams =1.5-6.0 x 10(9)
Bulls = 5-15 x 10(9)


Define Androgen

Development of secondary sexual characteristics


State three functions of the androgen

- Growth of antler and horns
- Sexual behaviour
- Body conformation and composition


Give the definition of puberty

The time at which the male first develops the ability to fertilise the female and accepted as being attained with the first production of viable sperm


Discuss anatomical changes for males during puberty

Increased amounts of androgens
Rapid increase in size of reproductive organs
Production of sperm in the testis
Connection between the free end of the penis and the sheath


Describe causes of failure of testis thermoregulation

High temperatures for which testis are exposed to only occur not only when testis are held within the body cavity
High environmental temperature or fever