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What do Structural Family therapist believe is the cause of family problems?

By dysfunctional family organization.
Class 10 Notes P. 1


Structural Family therapist don't solve problem. What to they do as an alternative?

They seek to help the family make structural changes in order to help solve problems.
Class 10 Notes P. 1


Name the & Structural interventions.

Joining and Accommodating
Structural mapping
Highlighting and modifying interactions
Boundary making
Challenging unproductive assumptions
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What is joining and accommodating?

Techniques employed to enter into a culture and respectfully observe in an effort to understand.
Class 10 Notes P. 2


How is joining and accommodating accomplished?

Therapist track, listen, observe and respect each member's perspective and adopt the family's language and mannerisms.
Class 10 Notes P. 2


What is Enactment?

Observing the family's patterns and dynamics that might be contributing factors to the family's problems.
Class 10 Notes P. 3


What is the purpose of observing enactments?

They empower therapists with additional information which they can use to help the family make some key structural changes.
Class 10 Notes P. 3


What is the purpose of Structural Mapping?

They reinforce efforts to re-conceptialize the problem from an individual issue to a structural/systemic issue.
Class 10 Notes P. 4


What are 4ways ways that Structural Therapist modify interaction?

1. They pay attention to Process rather than Content.
2. They seek to intervene by forcefully creating intensity.
3. They may use empathy to deal with stalemates
4. They shape confidence
Class 10 Notes P. 4-5


What are some was a Structural Therapist can strengthen boundaries in enmeshed families?

By interrupting or blocking
Meeting with the subfamilies separately
Facilitate engagement among disengaged families with ridge boundaries.
Class 10 Notes P. 5-6


How is unbalancing accomplished?

By seeking to realign relationships and change the family structure.
Class 10 Notes P. 6


How is challenging unproductive assumptions accomplished?

By challenging the way family members are seeing things or take a psycho-educational approach in an effort to restructure the family dynamics.
Class 10Notes P. 6-7