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Salvage is usually a function of the :

Salvage begins _____ and ends ______

Treat valuables as if ________

_____ ______ _______ should be covered to protect the building and its contents

Ladder Co

Arrival on scene , when FD ops have ended

They were ur own

Door, windows, roof openings


Indiscriminate overhaul can cause unnecessary damage. But when its necessary no one should hesitate to overhaul.

If possible when overhauling ______

Overhaul must be performed by opening up walls and ceiling until _______

Pile all contents in the center of the room and put a tarp over them

Areas that have not been burned are found


Overhaul is broken down in 2 stages :
* Its performed to expose hidden pockets of fire and prevent reignition

Pre control - Unfavorable conditions - Intent is toward charmed areas back toward charred area to determine fire extent * Pulling ceiling, examining baseboards and shafts

Post control - More favorable conditions
Extremely meticulous. By a fresh company
* Overhaul is performed during the entire operation


Proper placement of ladders, lies with the :

Portable ladders should be placed or as many sides of the fire building and at as many windows as possible. At a minimum ______

Ladder Co.

1 ladder must be extended to each floor on which FF's are operating

* Tower ladders provide an excellent platform for ventilation, Search and rescue, and apply elevated streams


In double pane or thermal insulated windows:

By removing entire window your in essence:

Both panes must be removed

Creating another door


Depending on the amount of ventilation needed windows can either _______

Double hung windows should be :

Windows can be forced by:

Removed or opened

opened 2/3 from the top and 1/3 from the bottom

Fork end of the halogen under the bottom of the window and exerting downward pressure, popping the window lock.
* New window have depressible clips so you don't have to break the window


To force a padlock:

Saws, torches and hand tools

Duck bill with an axe

a pipe wrench across both shackles then twist to snap shackles Pg 203


Outward opening door are indicative of :

Commercial occupancies, elevators, and closets
* Adz end of the tool above or below the lock, force the tool down and out to pop the door


Inward opening door with a halligan:

If you attack hinges attack the ____ first

____ to ____ pumps of a rabbit tool will pop the door

Fork side 6 inches above or below lock, bevel side against the door angled slightly up or down. Strike with axe, push towards the door

Top hinge

4 to 6 pumps can also use hydraulic ram


____ and ____ make good area to conduct mock search drills

Fire house bunk rooms and offices


During search

Check ______
If 1 victim is found on a bed _____
If disoriented ______
Primary exit is ______
Plan your _______


Check for additional victims

Look out a window

The way you came in

Escape route


If door opens easily then stops _____

Don't let a door lock behind you _____ or ____

Confine fire by ______

Do not assume locked rooms are _____

Treat furniture as an _____

Search through piles of ______

Good chance a victim is behind it

Chock it or leave a FF there

Closing the door

Empty rooms

Extension of the wall, don't move it



Victims are commonly found:

Follow the walls as you search vent _______ unless ______

behind entrance doors or below windows

As you go

It will extend the fire


When forcing a door:

When entering a window:

tie a rope to it so you can shut it if fire blows out

Probe the floor to make sure its there and to feel for victims


When possible searchers should determines and work towards an ______

When searching for the seat of the fire, find it, use it as your start point and then work

alternate means of egress

back toward the door they entered


Searched are broke down into 2 stages

Primary - quick and thorough

Secondary - meticulous through search

* A different crew should perform the secondary

* Should include buildings exterior, shafts, basements, cellars


Several functions of a ladder co:

Along with proper placement of hoselines, there is no greater tool than a well developed ______

Search for life, fire and fire extension

Search plan


Potential drawback to PPV:

good possibility of pushing smoke and fire into uninvolved areas


Procedure for fog nozzle ventilations:

Stand 6 to 8 ft from a window direct a fog stream roughly the size of the opening, out the window


Natural ventilation: open existing openings a building

Mechanical ventilation: Using machines such as _______ to remove smoke from a building

* Using a fog nozzle is considered mechanical

Smoke ejectors, PPV fans, exhaust fans, HVAC, Fog streams

* fans are not the most efficient method
* time consuming, trip hazards


A ventilation opening has 2 purposes:

Exhaust for products of combustion ( from the top)

Inlet for fresh air ( from the bottom)


In multi story wind impacted fires the initial tactic may be to :

Deploy a thermal blanket from the floor above
or deploying a high rise nozzle from the floor below


The movement of heat and smoke from an area of high pressure to low pressure

Flow path
path of least resistance ( low pressure area)

* in a high rise the fire apartment and public hallway will be a path for fire , heat and smoke


Vent for fire:

Vent for life:

Facilitating engne co. advance in the area

To enter an IDLH atmosphere where there is a known or suspected victim
* pop window instead of breaking it, feel for heat before entering
* windows must be completely removed before entry


Horizontal ventilation is usually performed after:

If done prematurely it can cause:

Engine Co line is stretched charged and ready to begin fire attack

Rapid extension or auto extension


When roof condition is in doubt, such as _____ or ______ don't put FF's up there.

_____ roofs or ______ are determined, immediately evacuate the roof

Vacant building

Heavy fire conditions

Membrane roofs

Gypsum poured over gypsum slab
( White paste on a saw blade indicates wet gypsum)


After roof section is pulled out ______ must happen for the operation to be succesful

Top floor ceiling must be taken out

6 ft pike pole


A roof cut should be at least _____ x ______ and easy to pulls. Directly _______


over the fire

Don't make it too big you can't open it easily


When breaking skylights, the roof division should notify:

The FF operating below by radio

Only use power tails to cut roofs after opening up all existing openings


Once on the roof the first considerations should be ______

A way of getting off

Must always have a secondary means of egress