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The leading specific location where residential civilian fire fatalities are found:

_____% were trying to escape

_____% were sleeping

Bedrroms 55%




Certain areas in a house present a higher likelihood of finding a victim. Ex:

Paths of travel, Below windows, behind doors, hallways, bedrooms


______ are a component of the life safety concern



Commonly referred to as "routine" fires.

Unless the occupants of a home are accounted for a ____ must be started if in offensive mode

1 and 2 family dwellings

Primary search


Hoarding task forces may be staffed with _____, _____, _____.

____ and ____ also need to be considered a concern for 1 and 2 family dwellings

Building inspectors, animal control officers, and first responders

Grow houses and Meth labs


1 and 2 family dwelling are not subject to inspections so ____, _____, ____ and ____ may be stored there.

There is almost always _____ and ____ in the structure

Flammable liquids, gas, explosives and poisonous chemicals

Electric and water


In a home with modern furnishings flashover can occur in ______.

______ is another danger to FF in a 1 and 2 family dwelling

1/2 the time as in one with legacy materials ( not sure about this)



Normal contents of a house add to the ____

This may be increased during the _______

Fire load



New stone coated steel roofing is made from ____ gauge structural grade steel. These roofs have the highest strength rating.

Nearly _____ and Fire crew may not be able to _____



Ventilate the roof


____ shingles add to fire old and fire spread

_____ ventilation is the method of choice in residential structures

Wood shake

Positive pressure
* not vertical because of roof construction


_____ add weight and make it difficult to ventilate a roof

Tile roofs


_____ and ____ both create individual components that contain the fire to room and contents

Platform frame



IC at a fire involving a balloon frame structure should:

Extend a line to the fire floor and the attic.

The fire can also drop down these channels (burning embers)


The paths for least resistance in 1 and 2 family dwellings are:

Exteriors of houses made of _____, _____, and ______ will assist in spreading fire

Hallways and stairwells
* Close doors to confine*

Wood, vinyl, tar coverings

Brick concrete stucco and asbestos will not assist with fire spread


The strategic goal is to place hose streams in a position to prevent fire spread _____

If it appears the fire will not be contained to the structure of origin, work toward saving the ____

beyond the structure of origin

Block of origin


Difference between masonry (ordinary) home and wood frame homes lie in the ______

In masonry home walls are ____

Interior walls, floors and ceiling are ______

Very prevalent in southern states where hurricanes are prevalent
The construction methods used are _____ and ______

Load bearing walls

Cement, concrete block and masonry


Platform or post beam


2x4 inch wood member placed in the joist channel.

Fire stops


3 framing methods for wood frame construction

Post and Frame ( Plank and beam) - uses a few large wood members, rather than a lot of small wood frame members Ex. log cabins, great rooms

Balloon Frame - Uses 2x4 studs, framing members run from the foundation to the eave line. Prior to 1940 they did not include fire stops

Platform frame - Each floor is built as a box. Creates inherent fire stopping. * found in most contemporary construction standards
Ex. Split level, bi level and tri level homes


Most common construction types for 1 and 2 family dwellings:

Type V - Wood frame

Type 3 - masonry


Must have a working knowledge of building construction:

Understanding building construction is equivalent to _____

IC's, company officers and FF

Understanding Fire dynamics


Underwriter released a study identify gaps in current fire service knowledge

The gaps included:

Impact of : Door control, vent hole size, vent hole location, impact of flow paths between the hole and the fire, impact of modern fuel loads, exterior suppression with various flow paths configurations


50% of civilian fire fatalities occur in residential buildings between the hours of _____ and ___

This time period accounts for 49% of all fatal fires * Not just residential

Peak night hours are from ____ to _____

10 pm to 6 am

1a to 5a

Smoking was the leading cause of fatal residential building fires pg 213


In 2010 residential homes accounted for ___% of all structure fires and more than ____% in civilian fire deaths.

In the US, FD's respond to a residential structure fire every _____

Of their residential structure fires 1 and 2 family homes account for ____% of the fires and ____% of civilian fire deaths.



65 sec pg 213




In 2010 there were ____ fires
___ civilian fatalities
____ civilian injuries
$___ in property damage

There was a civilian death every ____ mins
and a civilian fire injury every _____





169 mins

30 mins


The most common structure fire response in the US

Most common construction style:

1 and 2 family dwellings

Wood frame and masonry


The act of keeping the fire in the area, room, or building of origin:



All FF's should understand:

Engines on board water tank is called:

A team of FF with apparatus assigned to perform a specific function in a designated response area:

Pumping principles

Booster tank



You can stretch a hose but ( don't know what goes here maybe up) ______

In well involved buildings keep the apparatus out of the ______

A ladder

Collapse zone


Engine location ______

Ladder location ______

Aerial location _______

Should allow room for aerial trucks to access the front of a structure

Allow ladder max versatility

Allow access to the best scrub area - area that can be reached with an aerial ladder once the apparatus is set up


The function that the company is to perform determines:

Where the apparatus should be placed