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If there is no life safety concern with victims, the IC should:

Not create one with FF


Most IC's choose _____ to vent an attic fire.

Many officers don't consider _______ ventilation, but it can be useful.

If you can't go on a roof remove ______ to create an opening from the safety of a _____

Vertical ventilation


Attic vent from a ground ladder


In an attic fire if the fire has broken through the roof don't:

You can use a ______

Another method would be to use a _____

Lob water on it with a hand line from outside

Ladder pipe or TL

Piercing nozzle


As second means of egress in an attic fire:

A finished attic should be searched like:

Confining fire to an attic will ______

If you can't find the fire in a reasonable amount of time the IC should:

Attic fires must be fought from _______

Pull ceiling and insert attic ladders

A bedroom would

Not be difficult

Evacuate the building collapse is inevitable



The _______ element is the most hazardous condition encountered in an attic fire.

Finished attics usually have the same fire load as:

Hazards in an attic:

Roofs with fiberglass or asphalt shingle have:

Most unfinished attics don't have _______

unknown pg 230

The typical bedroom

Low sloping roofs, unstable floors, wires, lack of ingress and egress, extreme weight, potential for rapid collapse

Nails protruding into the attic

Flooring throughout


Windows will not vent a lot of smoke if :

A more useful method is :

If a fan is turned on premature in second story fire ______

Drapes and blinds are not removed

Open window first then start PPV

Heat and fire can be blown back down on crews


On second story fires the officer needs to consider the ______

The _____ may not be enough

length of the hose lay

150 ft


If a FF is going to make entry from a second story window, he should check _______. If it is determined that he needs to enter he should VES and immediately _______

Access may be possible from ______ to second floor areas

Directly under the sill

Shut the door to seal it from the hall

Porch roofs


FF biggest safety concern in upper floor fires is

The way into a building ______

If FF enter a second story via stairs then:

If FF enter second story via a ladder then:

Lack of egress

Is not always the best way out

A ladder should be placed to a window

A second ladder should be raised and the interior stairway should be protected


4 story houses could look like 2 story houses because of :

Its important for an IC to :

Sloping terrain (built on a hill)

Conduct a full exterior survey


______, _______ and ________ produce significant smoke and heat.

Smoke on a second story floor has no way to escape unless:

Mattress, box springs, furniture

A window fails


Excellent tool during overhaul:

Officer in charge of salvage should meet with _______

There has been an increase in suspicious _____

If above is suspected you should ______


The occupant

Kitchen fires

Bring engine companies back to the fire scene to explain damages


In most small structures _______ is not needed

If it is . Place the hole ______ on a multistory structure, if egress is a concern, it should be placed ______

Vertical ventilation

Over the fire

Over the stairs


On first floor fire the hose line should be used to :

A backup line provides protection for :

Contain the fire and allow search and rescue to begin *** There is always a potential for failure of the first hose line

First hose line crew and search and rescue crew


Critical element for FF safety on a first floor fire _____

On a first floor fire the ______ floor should be first for Search and rescue

a good size up

first floor pg 227


Second hazard on a first floor fire:

Key element for tactics in a first floor fire.

Complacency of FF's , FF feel "comfortable fighting this", Complacency can kill

Determining exact location of fire. IC should do a 360 and look for venting fire or concentration of smoke from windows eaves.


Biggest hazard encountered on a first floor fire ______

Potential speed of fire spread

Fam room, living room and kitchen are usually open to the entire house


Basement fires are very dangerous, however, the _______ floor should be searched first.

Basements may also be used as :

first floor

in law quarters, recreation rooms, studio apartments


_____ should be for rapid use if a mayday is sounded

Crews must maintain control of the _____ to present fire spread

Ground ladders



Confinement of a basement fire comes from:

Primary clue of a basement fire:

Locating the fire and making a quick attack

Smoke is not lifted when you open the front door for ventilation


After making sure there is enough hose to make it to the bottom of the basement stairs, the hose should be advanced ______ but _____. If poor ventilation , use a _____ nozzle.

Quickly but controlled

Smooth bore
* If it doesn't jeopardize interior crews, vent the exterior windows


In a basement fire, outside ______ could make conditions inside worse.

first vent hole

second vent hole


Over the top of the stairwell

2nd - 1st floor under a window about 1 foot away. Then remove window


In a basement fire where balloon frame is suspected

Overhaul should be started in ______

The attic


IC's first safety consideration at a basement fire should be:

Most basement windows:

The FF entering the basement

Are not large enough or low enough for a FF to escape without assistance
* some basements have no windows


Basement Fire Hazards:

Final destination for many unwanted items in a house go to the _____

Second hazard encountered in a basement fires _____


Most basements have only 1 entrance


Salvage in residential structures presents ______ and the _____ for FF

the greatest challenge

the greatest opportunity


It is best to move materials involved in the fire _____.

However the area of the origin should ______

Outside the structure

Remain undistributed
* For fire investigation


Ventilation is directed by ______

Overhaul is necessary especially in _______ construction

Location of the fire within the structure

Balloon frame construction


Use a ______ attack when fire has not reached the free burning stage

Once in free burning or flashover stage a ______ attack may be indicated




If an offensive attack hose lines should be placed _______

Hoselines must also be in a position to protect :

FF are often playing catch up when it comes to ______

On the unburned side. However, water can be applied from either side

Interior paths of egress and stairwells

Defensive attacks