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One of the first companies task is to ____

A FF of that Co should ____

Elevators should never be ____

Taking control of building evacuation is done concurrently with _____

Control elevators, determining fire location , and search and rescue ops on the fire floor

Remain with the elevator

Left unattended

Search and rescue ops


HR search and rescue

The command officer in charge of the S and R group is responsible for:

Units should bring ____ to increase work time

Rapid deployment of ____ to assist with S and R is crucial at the HR fire

the search and safe evacuation of civilians from 2 floors above the fire to the rest of the height of the building

extra SCBA bottles

Ladder Co



Rehab can be set up on the same floor as:

Have an accountability location _____
* one may be necessary on each floor


In the lobby
allows accountability officer to know what crews are operating on upper floors



All types of communication systems should be sought out and controlled. Interior comm systems in HR's include

It is imperative that units be designated specific channels to operate on, such as ____ or _____ and _____

Standpipe telephones
In house telephones
special sound powered telephones
building public address systems
radios used by security
elevator telephones

Command channel
Primary or secondary tactical channels


HR Elevators

2 components of FF elevator service

Once a FF boarded an elevator he should:

When using an elevator always take not :

Swinging car doors open out while office doors open in. When searching if you come to an outward swinging door ____

gaining controlling recalling elevators, and using the elevators safely

Clear the floor selector panel by hitting the call cancel button. This ensures the elevator won't make unwanted stops

The nearest stairway

Beware, it could be an elevator door with no car present


Most HR buildings elevators are equipped with FF service features like:

Use of elevators in HR fires is ____

Never take elevators ____

Anyone using an elevator should be in :

FF can look at the ____ sign

recall, hold buttons, FF service

Absolutely necessary

* above the fire floor*

Full gear, SCBA turned on, tools and radio

You are here

For a floor diagram


We can't let 9/11

Make us shy away from HR SOG



A command officer should be designated to the :

A ____ should be set up 2 floors below the fire floor

When FF's are relieved , ____ is a factor

From the time the alarm is received until water is on the fire could be ___ or more

fire floor

Forward staging area


20 mins


Engine companies at a HR fire must hold :

Ladder personnel should:

Separate handlines MAY be operated from separate stairways provided:

their positions on handline until properly relieved

Ladder personnel in many cases should be ordered off the fire floor before additional personnel are sent in

They don't oppose one another


At a HR fire the IC must ____, ____, and ____

HR fires require a tremendous commitment of both ____ and ____

IC should immediately locate the ____, ____ or ___, and establish the ____, this will serve as the _____

*** No 2 HR fires are the same**

gather info, form strategies, deploy FF's

Personnel and supervision

Fire safety director, maintenance person, or building manager

Lobby command post

Center of operations


Describe the high-rise standpipe operation

Depending on the size of the building, consider having a minimum of two pumpers simultaneously supply 2 Siamese connections during fire operations