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Who wrote Storm on the Island?

Seamus Heaney


How are the houses described in the poem?

"Short and squat."
"Dug into the hillside."


"Spits like a tame cat." What methods are being used here within this sentence?

Spits like a tame cat is a simile and the word "tame" is juxtaposing the cat spitting aggressively which makes us see just how violent the storm is.


How is personification used here to describe the storm and it's affects?

The storm is "spitting" giving it human qualities and making the weather seem like an aggressive person who's literally spitting on the people on the island.


What could the message behind the poem be?

What do the storm and the islanders represent contextually thinking of the time period?

It could be "The Troubles" between the North and South of Ireland that were disputing about their place in the United Kingdom.

The islanders could be the people suffering at the hands of terrorist acts and violence against them as they are "battered" by the storm perhaps hinting at the morale and psychological damage the storm has caused on them and their lives.