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What is a tropical storm?

It’s a violent rotating storm which occurs at mid latitudes


Where are tropical storms found?

They are generally found in the tropics. The hurricanes are found around America off the Pacific Ocean, cyclones and typhoons are found in parts of Asia around the Indian Ocean.


What is a storm surge?

It is an abnormal rise of water generated by a storm, over and above the predicted astronomical tide. They are affected by:
- storm intensity
- size
- angle of approach
- central pressure


Strong winds

The bigger the difference in pressure, the stronger the winds. The wind travels from high to low pressure. They often knock out power and key communication lines.


How do storms cause coastal flooding?

They can break off coral from the shores, erode the undersea Sands, erode shel, deposits. They stir up the waters of coastal estuaries.


How do storms cause river flooding?

Storms carry heavy rainstorms that slow when they get to land, allowing heavy rain to persist over one location.


How do storms cause landslides?

Due to heavy rainfall. The rainfall is absorbed by the soil on slopes adding pressure to the load. The fluid pressure provides the rock with buoyancy, reducing the resistance to movement.