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What are the four key priorities of Sport England?

- Funding
- Facilities
- Priority Groups
- Participation Levels


What is 'Sport England'?

- One of the most important organisations that has been set up by the government to help provide increased opportunities for participation in physical activity


What are the seven program's of Sport England?

- Tackling Inactivity
- Children + Young People
- Volunteering
- Creating Welcoming Sports Facilities
- Funding
- Facilities


Describe a program of Sport England

- Funding which comes from National Lottery and Exchequer which is then applied and goes towards legacy initatives


Describe a second programme of Sport England

- Sport England helps in the application of grants, the planing process with a focus on protecting playing fields


Name and describe two key priorities for Sport England to help increase participation across the nation

- Tackling inactivity in which they attempt to help the 25% in England who do not take part in physical activity.
- Volunteering, where they focus on the motivation and needs of the volunteers


What research does Sport England conduct in order to help increase participation?

- Active Survey to see how many people are taking part in physical activity