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What is the basis for the BAAT?

Quantity of the BAAT is sufficient to borate RCS to 1% S/D margin in cold condition (200 degrees F) at worse time in core life with rod stuck out and xenon decay.


What terminates batch feed?

- CV-1250 (Batch controller outlet) manualy closed

- When reaches batch size or stop is depressed


What satisfies feed and bleed permissives?

- MU tank > 18"

- Grp 6 > 95% or safety groups fully withdrawn and either Grp 5 < 80% or safety rods out limit in bypass


What requirements are needed to meet BAAT TRM?

- BAAT at required volume based on graph

- > 10 degrees F above crystalization temperature

- flow path from BAAT to MU system and > 10 degrees above crystalization

- One boric acid pump


What is the admin limit for S/D margin?

-1.5 % delta K/K


What are the limits for the boric acid pumps?

- 30 seconds max time at shutoff head

- min flow is 2.5 gpm


What are the power sources for boric acid pumps?



Why is CV-1249 only opened 20% when batching acid only?

Due to flow inaccuracies


What light comes on the batch controller when batch reaches 20 gallons left?

Pre-shutdown light and CV-1249 closes to 5%