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why do social cause campaigns work?

they are user generated content
viral video ads become advertising campaigns to promote themselves
pitch videos with hostages that are engaging and capture the nature of hashtag activism


customer equity

Kim and Ko 2012
discounted sum of customer lifetime values


3 types of equity that drive customer equity

value equity: customer's objective assessment of utility of the brand based on perceived risk/reward

relationship equity: tendency of customers to stay in long relationships with brands

brand equity: entaginble assessment of the brand over and above its value


Nike Digital Strategy

Piskorski 2014
focus on increasing sales through creation of user-generated content on social media platforms
Facebook: target specific communities - Nike Running France
Twitter: further segmentation @NikeNY
Vine: maximize product sales: best at-home exercise techniques
Instagram: used to illustrate brand ideals: insta's most followed brand which uses inspiration and positivity associated with nike's brand - most insta users are young wealthy adults so fits Nike Demographic


Nike Women v Men Challenge

Piskorski 2014
competition between men and women to see who can get a higher activity score on Feulbands - sells products but main goal is to attract more female runners! Successful
Fuelbands - turns life into a gain and pits you against your friends with points



Vana Kousmoutis
personal matchmaker
dating app with games which made it more fun than competitors
quality matches with games unlocking info to allow trait-based matching without self-reporting
couples increasingly meet online
social media optimization is vital to success


Always Viral Social Marketing

won emmy for outstanding commercial
85million views


#likeagirl objective

brand needed to appeal to new generation of consumers wit competition from rivals who were gaining traction with milliners through social media
make like a girl something not to be ashamed of


research #likeagirl

half of women reported a decline in confidence during puberty - could help to empower them during this time in their life
only 19% positively associated the words like a girl (people between ages of 16-24)


#likeagirl outcome stats

76% no longer saw it as negative
2 out of 3 men said they'd think twice before using it as an insult


Adobe and Imagine Dragons Make the Cut

Adobe Paired up with imagine dragons (probably due to their close network with fans through superfans) and created the Make the Cut campaign (April 2017) - coincided with Adobe Premeire Pro's 25th anniversary

Those who signed up gained access to uncut footage of the recording session for the new song Believer music video and were instructed to make their own video and submit it for the chance to win extraordinary prizes

Smart because gain market share by connecting with devoted fans desperate to see all the imagine dragons footage they can get as well as recognition by their favorite band. Also get individuals who are incentivized by the $25k cash prize or aspiring videographers in front of an esteemed panel