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This term means to have differences and variety

What is diversity?


This is how we describe a society which has people of many different ethnic backgrounds and traditions

What is multicultural?


These immigrants came to America to escape hunger and poverty, but were the victims of anti-Catholic prejudice

Who were the Irish?


The crowded, unsanitary ship voyage taking kidnapped Africans to America to be sold as slaves

What is the Middle Passage?


The giant farms where many slaves lived, producing crops to be sold rather than used by the farmer

What are plantations?


This political party had faith in the common man’s ability to serve in government

Who are the Democrats/ Democratic-Republicans?


According to the Declaration of Independence, this is the most important job of government.

What is protect the rights of the people?


According to the Declaration of Independence, this is where government gets its right to govern.

What is “from the consent of the governed” (the people)?


According to the Declaration of Independence, these natural rights are “unalienable.”

What are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?


This Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition

What is the First Amendment?


The 1st Amendment does not protect all speech. What are two types of speech that are not protected by the 1st Amendment?

What are:
Fighting words/ inciting a riot
Clear and present danger to the nation


Jefferson urged Congress to approve this, because it doubled the size of the United States, and gave us control of the Mississippi

What is the Louisiana Purchase?


This American President’s supporters said he was the hero of the common man, but he was accused of acting like a king by his enemies.

Who is Andrew Jackson?


To end something, especially slavery

What is abolition/ to abolish?


This woman tried to change the way prisoners and the mentally ill were treated

Who is Dorothea Dix?


Also known as Black Moses, this person led hundreds of blacks to freedom on the Underground Railroad

Who is Harriet Tubman?


This machine made it faster and easier to process an important crop in the South

What is the cotton gin?


This leading abolitionist founded the magazine,
“The Liberator.”

Who is William Lloyd Garrison?


A secret network that helped slaves escape and get to the North

A secret network that helped slaves escape and get to the North


Written at the Seneca Falls Convention, this document called for equal rights for women

What is the Declaration of Sentiments?


This religious revival swept the country at around the same time as industrialization

What is the Second Great Awakening?


This enabled goods to travel from the port of New York all the way to the Great Lakes and the Northwest Territory

What is the Erie Canal?


This group was forced to march from Georgia to Indian Country in the Trail of Tears

Who were the Cherokee?


This British engineer who emigrated to America built America’s first textile mill in Pawtucket, RI

Who was Samuel Slater?


This escaped slave became a leading speaker in the abolition movement and the women’s rights movement.

Who was Frederick Douglass?
Who was Sojourner Truth?


Women pushed for this reform, because drunk men often neglected or abused their wives and children

What is the temperance movement?


They helped build America’s railroads, canals, and supplied cheap labor for the factories of the Industrial Revolution

Who are immigrants?


This term refers to the rapid growth of cities

What is urbanization?


This political party pushed to restrict immigration, because they were anti-Catholic and because they feared that cheap immigrant labor would lower wages or take away their jobs.

What was the Know-Nothing Party?


The change-over to mass production of goods using powered machinery, rather than hand-made goods

What is the Industrial Revolution?