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Twelve tables

Earliest attempt by the Romans to create a code of law


Law on Nexum

Nearly anyone could fall into debt bondage. They would be a slave until they paid off their debt. Debt bondage existed, especially in the early republic due to increase control of ager publicus


Lex Poetilia

326 BC, abolished contracted form of nexum.


Dependent on slaves?

Rome becomes a society dependent on slaves. Only non-Romans could become slaves.


Appian Civil Wars, 1.7-

Romans subdued the Italian peoples, seized their land and colonised. The rich cultivated these newly colonised landsand used slave-labour


Slaves gained?

Third Samnite War - 13,000 per annum
First Punic War - 107,000-133,000
Second Punic War - 172,000-186,000
153,000 in other wars


Slave mode of production

land, mixed production range (grain, wine, olives), industrial production (textiles, pots), villa building, slave labour force, slave management



Routes to freedom - Ex testamento, inter vivos
Freedmen had an obligation to their master. They could not run for office, or become senators. But, they could become citizens and their children would be citizens