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whats the difference between a contribution and a impact?

a contribution is something that influences the religion
an impact is something that affects the adherents of that religion


what are the three contrubitons of luther?

-contribution to theology( relationship to God)

-contribution to insitutional reforms (functioning of the church heirarchy)

-contribution to liturgical reforms (practising the faith in a liturgical situation)


what are the three big impacts of luther to christianity?

-impact to the individual
-impact causing the counter reformation
-impact in terms of his own legacy


how was god seen back in the time of luther?

as some transcendent and almighty being to fear


what four pillars did luther come up with regarding how the individual must achieve salvation?

-christ alone
-faith alone
-bible alone
-grace alone


what made him come up with his four pillars in achieving salvation?

he threw himself into studying multiple versions and verses of the bible, in particular books of hebrews, Romans and Galatians. he also studied multiple languages coming from:


luther thourght that no earthly....

institution was able to stand between the individual and god.
its not about the individual adherent and the church but its about the adherent and god. the individual must give out their hands to recieve salvation


where did luther specify his four pillars?

in his reforming treatise named "The Freedom of a christian Man" written in 1520


what things made luther so successful with his writting and written works?

-the invention of the printing press, able to print multiple copies of the one written piece and scatter them across europe to achieve a wide audience

-luthers message was in tune with his times

-his writing style was savy, witty and rude, attacking the church with earthly, ordinary language that people could relate to


Luther is often remarked coming up with the idea of sola fide. what does this mean?

it is latin for "faith alone" and means that salvation only needs acceptance of gods grace and through no institutional medium can salvation be attained


what were indulgences?

indulgences were a piece of paper worth an appropriate sum of money that allowed someone a free ticket into heaven.

you could buy one for yourself, you could buy one for a friend, and you could even buy one for dead relatives

the catholic church even said that you could still recieve salvation through an indulgence if you had sex with the virgin mary

it was salvation in exchange for a sum


with indulgences as one of the biggest examples, what was the catholic chuch back in luthers time?

a tyrannical, rich, corrupt and powerful intitution and business


in what written piece did martin luther go against the catholic church and its indulgences?

95 theses written in 1517


where did luther nail his 95 theses?

to St Peter bascillas church door in wittenburg


what was luthers 95 theses?

luthers 95 theses was a document containing 95 statements which went against indulgences and the catholc church as an institution. they were staments and propositions for debate


what did the pope think of luthers 95 theses and what did he do to luther?

Pope leo was unimpressed and is said to have described the writer as some 'drunked german'

luther was named a heretic, someone who goes against the catholic church and its teachings practising heresy


what did luther write in 1520 to pope leo and what was his reponse?

luther wrote "the freedom of a christian man". the pope replied by excommunicating luther on january 3 1521