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Aircraft Carrier Type

All ships designed primarily for the purpose of conducting combat operations by aircraft that engage in attacks against airborne, surface, sub-surface, and shore targets.


Surface Combatant Type

Large, heavily armed, surface ships that are designed primarily to engage enemy forces on the high seas.


Submarine Type

All self-propelled submersible types regardless of whether employed as combatant, auxiliary, or research and development vehicles that have at least a residual combatant capability.


Patrol Combatant Type

Combatants whose mission may extend beyond coastal duties and whose characteristics include adequate endurance and sea keeping, providing a capability for operations exceeding 48 hours on the high seas without support.


Amphibious Warfare Type

All ships having organic capability for amphibious assault and characteristics enabling long duration operations on the high seas.


Combat Logistics Type

Ships that have the capability to provide underway replenishment to fleet units.


Mine Warfare Type

All ships whose primary function is mine warfare on the high seas.


Support Type

A grouping of ships designed to operate in the open ocean in a variety of sea states to provide general support to either combatant forces or shore based establishments. (Includes smaller auxiliaries which by the nature of their duties, leave inshore waters).


Mobile Logistics Type

Ships that have the capability to provide direct material support to other deployed units operating far from home base.