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Supervisors will evaluate each violent or potentially violent situation and complete a ------- -------- including their ------ ---------- as soon as practical after the incident.

3.23.2 I
written report
threat assessment


Completed reports(workplace violence) will be distributed as soon as possible, as follows:

Original - Internal Affairs Commander
Copy - reporting supervisor
Copy - Human Resource Director
Copies - offender's chain of command if offender is a BSO employee Copies - supervisor's chain of command


Most workplace altercations, including minor ones involving only verbal exchanges, justify appropriate disciplinary action through the use of the discipline policy. At any time during the review of an altercation, the Human Resources Director will be available for assistance upon request. Other actions may include:

1. Re-assignment
2. Restricted administrative assignment
3. Arrest of involved persons
4. Suspension or termination of the business relationship if the offender is not an employee


What department will be available for employees who are victims of or fear being victims of domestic violence.

The Employee Assistance Program


Involving domestic violence workplace policy ,issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order or Protective Order listing any BSO property as a protected area must be reported immediately to

the employee's director, Internal Affairs Commander, Human Resources Director, and the Office of the General Counsel.


Involving domestic violence workplace policy.Who will ensure no employment retaliation is suffered due to the good faith reporting of a Temporary Restraining Order or Protective Order?

All directors


Accommodation to work schedule policy, involving domestic violence workplace

If an accommodation to the work schedule or work location for an employee who is a victim of domestic violence is appropriate, the employee, Department Executive Director, Internal Affairs Commander, and Human Resources Director will assess and implement any needed accommodation.