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If a reasonable basis exists to believe an employee cannot adequately perform the employee's job duties, functions, or responsibilities, BSO may compel the employee to

submit to a medical or psychological evaluation by any medical physician or psychotherapist selected by BSO at BSO's expense.


Employees entering the Employee Assistance Program for drug-related problems or alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs must submit to random drug tests as a follow up to the program how often?

a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis for up to two years.


Employees will submit to random drug tests. The testing process will be as follows:

1.Human Resources will randomly select and identify employees using their CCNs.
2.Employees will be informed of their selection for a drug test not more than 24 hours before a scheduled test time.
3.Employees will only be scheduled for testing while on duty.


Employees may confidentially report use of non-prescription or prescription medication to BSO's test laboratory:

before or after testing.


What happens if initial drug test is positive?

Initial test results with a threshold detection level equal to or exceeding that indicating a positive result will be communicated directly to the employee by the test laboratory. If the employee has a prescription for the medication, they will be asked to present it to the test laboratory. If the employee does not have a prescription or fails to respond to the test laboratory, BSO will be notified of the positive test result, in accordance to Florida Statute and Administrative Code.


Appealing process positive drug test

Upon receipt of a written notice for a positive confirmed drug test, employees may within five working days, submit an explanation or challenge. If the explanation or challenge is unsatisfactory, within 15 days of the receipt of the explanation or challenge, BSO will provide employees with a written explanation on why it is unsatisfactory and report of positive results. Employees may contest drug test results per applicable Florida Statute and Administrative Code.


Positive Confirmed Drug Test Consequences

1. Employees injured in an on-duty accident or while conducting BSO business with a positive confirmed drug test will forfeit medical and indemnity benefits per Florida Workers' Compensation and applicable drug test rules.
2.Employees will be terminated from employment for a positive confirmed drug test and forfeit Unemployment Compensation benefits per Florida Workers' Compensation, related laws, and applicable drug test rules.


Consequence of attempting to tamper drug test or refusing

Employees refusing to take a drug test or trying to defeat or tamper with a drug test will be treated as employees with positive confirmed drug tests.


Part-time employees are employees who work less than

80 hours bi-weekly.


All employees and non-employees (volunteer, vendors or contractors) hired by the Broward Sheriff’s Office will be issued an identification card that will bear the employee’s or non-employee’s

name, photograph and classification.


Which fire rescue persons are authorized to display badges?

3.22.1 G
Fire-Rescue employees serving in a certified position with the Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency services are the only persons authorized to display Fire Rescue Badges.


Deputies and fire-rescue personnel will carry their badge and ID Cards on or about their person when?

at all times while within their jurisdiction, except at their residence or under circumstances deemed reasonably impractical.


When are BSO employees required to show their ID card

3.22.1 I
Personnel will provide their name and show their BSO Identification Card to any person requesting that information, except if to do so would jeopardize the performance of their duties.


How many ID cards are we authorized to have?

Employees are only authorized to have one BSO ID Card.


What must procedure must be followed if ID card lost/stolen?

If an ID Card is lost or stolen, procedures outlined in the Sheriff’s Policy Manual for damage/loss of BSO property will be followed.


What must be done turned in prior to receiving new ID card?

Old ID Cards must be returned to Human Resources prior to the issuance of a replacement ID Card, unless the old ID Card was lost or stolen.


Process to receive a replacement ID card

Employees requiring a replacement ID Card will send a written request to Human Resources. All requests will include the following information and documentation:
1. Employee's name and CCN
2. Employee's employment date and current assignment
3. Date the employee was sworn in, if applicable
4. Employee's height, eye color, and hair color
5. Reason the employee is requesting a replacement ID Card
6. A copy of the completed Event Report (for lost or stolen ID Cards only)


What does BSO consider a deadly weapon?

For the purpose of this policy, A deadly weapon” includes all firearms (i.e., handguns, rifles, etc.) and explosive devices. Knives, cutting utensils, clubs, brass knuckles, or other devices such as defensive mace, pepper spray canisters, stun guns, or other objects may be considered deadly weapons when exhibited, used, or threatened to be used in an offensive or aggressive manner in relation to the facts of a given situation.


BSO policy deadly weapon at work

Possession, use, or threatened use of deadly weapons or firearms will not be permitted at work, on BSO property, in BSO vehicles, or among BSO employees unless possession or use is in accordance with job duties.


When BSO has reasonable grounds to believe an employee may be in violation of deadly weapon possession policy, what can be searched?

Desks, lockers (including lockers with privately owned locks), briefcases, purses, packages, and similar containers as well as BSO vehicles and private vehicles parked at a BSO facility will be subject to search


Disciplinary action for violating deadly weapon policy

Severe disciplinary action including termination may occur for violation of this policy. Refusal to permit a search of property will constitute cause for disciplinary action to include termination.


Employees who witness or are aware of an act or threat of imminent violence or behavior which they regard as threatening or violent towards an employee or non-employee at a BSO facility, in a BSO vehicle, or among BSO employees will immediately contact:

Communications, via radio or 911, and any available supervisor. The supervisor will immediately contact the Internal Affairs Commander or designee.


If an act or threat is not imminent or observed behavior causes concern for potential violence in the future, employees will immediately contact

their supervisor. Supervisors who are notified of an act or threat will contact Internal Affairs as soon as feasible.


When it come to workplace violence, the Internal Affairs Commander will act as the

critical incident coordinator. The Internal Affairs Director or designee can be contacted at any time and is responsible for the coordination of any needed BSO resources (i.e., Employee Assistance Program, Employee Benefits, legal counsel, etc.).


Who will take appropriate immediate action to defuse violent or potentially violent situations and prevent their escalation.

3.23.2 I


Workplace violence;Supervisors should remove any person from the facility who makes a

substantial threat, exhibits threatening behavior, or engages in violent acts as quickly as possible and instruct them to remain off the premises until the outcome of the investigation.


Workplace violence verbal altercation, supervisors actions....
If persons cannot be separated, supervisors will .....

Supervisors will separate involved persons and not allow a verbal altercation to escalate.
Secure the area and request additional assistance from Communications.


Workplace violence policy if offender arrested, supervisor will

3.23.2 I
If the offender is arrested, supervisors documentation such as Event Reports, Property Receipts, etc will complete all required Probable Cause Affidavits,


If workplace violence occurs and the offender is a BSO employee, copies of all documentation will be forwarded to

the Internal Affairs Commander and arrest procedures for employees, outlined in the Sheriff’s Policy Manual, will be adhered to.


When the incident( workplace violence) is under control, supervisors will take written statements if possible from who?

from all persons involved or witnessing the incident. Statements from employees will follow proper investigative protocols in the Sheriff’s Policy Manual.