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After successful completion and evaluation of their probationary period, employees will be considered

regular employees in that position, with all privileges and benefits of that position.


The following options may be used for employees who do not satisfactorily complete their probationary period:

1. Extension of probationary period (changes the employee's anniversary date)
2. Retreat or return to prior rank and position (if vacancy exists) Note: Should an appropriate vacancy not exist, the current layoff or reduction in force policy will apply. However, this procedure will only be available to employees who have previously achieved full-time regular status.
3. Termination, if the employee is newly hired


If an employee was out of work on extended absence, how long can his/her probation be extended?

An employee's probation may be extended for the length of time the employee was out on extended absence. Extended absences will include, but are not limited to temporary assignments outside the regular work location, Workers' Compensation, FMLA, light duty, donated leave, Sick Leave Pool, administrative assignments, leave without pay, etc.


An effective performance evaluation process is an integral part of the employer/employee relationship. The process maximizes employee effectiveness by

clarifying expectations, recognizing accomplishments, and establishing career development.


When are formal performance evaluations conducted?

A formal performance evaluation will be conducted on all employees of BSO in conjunction with the employee's BSO anniversary date, during the probationary period, and/or promotions


When are non- probationary employees evaluated?

Non-probationary employees will be evaluated at least annually by their immediate supervisor, within 30 days after their BSO anniversary date.


New probationary employees will be evaluated how often?

quarterly (every third month). The quarterly evaluation must be submitted to Human Resources for placement into the employee's personnel file.


Prior to the expiration of the employee’s probationary period the supervisor/manager must submit to Human Resources the evaluation summarizing one of the following:

3.10.3 B
A. Successful completion of the probationary period;
B.Failure to meet probationary standards, probationary period
C. Failure to meet probationary standards, employee terminated; termination form attached (BSO AP#13)


When an employee or supervisor transfers, an evaluation must be prepared in order to document performance. What are the procedures that follow?

1) This evaluation will be submitted through the regular chain of command within fifteen (15) days of the date of transfer, unless the employee was evaluated within ninety (90) days from the date of transfer. Test question
2)The receiving supervisor must incorporate the documented performance and modify, where appropriate, the performance expectations for the new assignment.
3)The supervisor must discuss with the employee the performance expectations for the new assignment.


What are the 2 employee evaluation forms?

3.10.3 C
-Employee Performance Evaluation Form (BSO AP#08) – This form will be used for non-supervisory/managerial employees or supervisory employees who have been re-assigned in a non-supervisory capacity. --Supervisory/Managerial Performance Evaluation Form (BSO AP #16) – This form will be used for employees who supervise/manage others.


The primary duties and responsibilities of the supervisor in the administration of the performance evaluation process are to:

1. Ensure the process is conducted in an honest, fair, timely, and impartial manner which is directed towards meeting BSO objectives. 2)Ensure employees are qualified and capable of carrying out their assigned duties and responsibilities.
3)Establish realistic performance expectations, performance, and deliver ongoing feedback.
4) Conduct career counseling to identify performance development activities.
5)Ensure employees have necessary resources and training to achieve desired results.
6)Establish and maintain employee accountability in achieving objectives through periodic performance feedback and action plans. 7)Complete the BSO training required to correctly performance evaluation process


When can performance eval be appealed?

Only performance criteria measured as “needs improvement” can be appealed through this process Appeal Process:


When is anniversary date?

Anniversary dates are defined as the date one year from the effective date of the last regular annual increase, promotion, demotion, or reclassification.


How to resign in good standing

To resign in good standing, employees will complete and submit a Resignation Form (BSO AP#4) two weeks before the separation's effective date, unless waived by the Sheriff.


What does the term "Good Standing" mean when resigning

Good standing means a resignation (not resignation in lieu of termination) with no charges pending and a minimum two weeks notification, unless waived by the Sheriff.


Resigning without being in good standing prevents what?

Any employee who has not resigned in good standing will not be eligible for rehire except at the sole discretion of the Sheriff.


What must be done before you receive your final pay check?

Employees will not be given their final paycheck until all BSO- issued items and forms are submitted and reconciled.


will refer to employment coordinated and administered by the Broward Sheriff’s Office for qualified sworn deputies and sworn firefighters beyond normal working and overtime hours which require law enforcement or fire rescue authority

Extra Duty Employment”


is commonly referred to as “Special Details” at the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

3.16 C
“Extra Duty Employment”


BSO supervisors and managers may restrict off-duty and extra duty employment when it may:

1. Render employees unavailable during an emergency.
2. Physically or mentally exhaust employees to the extent it may affect their performance.
3.Require special considerations be given to the scheduling of employees' regular duty hours.
4. Bring BSO into disrepute or impair the operation or efficiency of BSO or its employees.


Broward County businesses, law enforcement, fire rescue, or governmental agencies requesting the expertise of an employee must

3.16 E
request it in writing to the Sheriff. If approved, employees will perform the service in an on-duty capacity.


Employees may be considered for off-duty employment subject to certain limitations. Off-duty employment will not:

1. Interfere in any way with an employee's BSO employment
2. Interfere with BSO's efficiency
3. Cause the appearance of impropriety
4. Interfere with the BSO mission
5. Cause, or appear to cause, a conflict of interest
6. Affect an employee's official performance of duties
7. Provide any opportunity for potential misuse of official information
8.Be harmful to an employee's health or safety
9.Subject BSO to civil liability


Employees will not be permitted to work more than ----- hours a week in an off- duty employment capacity.

3.16.1 C
The maximum of 36 hours includes both off-duty and special details combined. A work week is defined as beginning at 12:00 midnight on Saturday and ending at 11:59 pm on Friday.


Due to the knowledge, education, and expertise of many employees, employees will be permitted to work in an outside, off-duty capacity as consultants and experts in their respective fields of expertise. What are the rules regarding this?

1. Employees working as consultants or experts in a particular field will not accept cases or employment in Broward County.
2. If employees working as consultants and experts in their areas of expertise begin work outside of Broward County and their work leads them to areas requiring work to be performed within Broward County, they must withdraw from the specific case immediately.


1. Employees will complete an Off-Duty Employment Request Form (BSO RP#45/RP#45a) if:


A. Requesting approval for off-duty employment
B. Changing an off-duty employer or employer's address or telephone number
C. Changing the type of work performed
D. Employee is self-employed, which will be fully explained on the form in the space provided.
Note: Self-employed employees will complete an Off-Duty Employment Request Form for each separate business activity (i.e., lawn service business and plumbing business).


If you have 2 jobs outside of BSO, how many off duty employment forms need to be filled out?

3.16.1 G
2 separate forms


How often does an off duty employee request form need to be filled out?

3.16.3 G
The Employment Form “sunsets” or expires on an annual basis. A new form will be submitted every December for the following calendar year.
The form expires on December 31 of each year. This does not preclude
BSO employees submitting new forms when off-duty employment conditions or information changes at any time during the year.


It is incumbent upon the employee’s chain of command to review the appropriateness of the request(off duty employment), and carefully evaluate requests, especially if the business or employment has direct or indirect involvement with:

3.16.1 G
1.Sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages
2. Bail bond agents
3.Investigative work, e.g., private investigations, insurance agencies, attorneys, etc.
4.Private security services, e.g. security guard, bodyguard, chauffeur, armored car personnel, etc.
5. Consumer or commercial collection agencies.
6.Repossession or recovery agents.
7.Any business that acts as a lobbyist or employs lobbyists that do business in Broward County and/or may seek to influence the business of the Broward Sheriff's Office.
8.Any enterprise which may bring BSO into dispute with the public or cause the potential for a conflict of interest.


Who has final revocation authority of off duty employment forms?

This does not remove the right of the Sheriff or designee to maintain final approval or revocation authority for all off-duty employment.


The following requirements apply to employees terminating their approved off- duty employment:

3.16.1 H
1. Employees will complete the Off-Duty Termination Form (BSO RP#45b) and submit through chain of command to the Department of Professional Standards.
2.After review, the Department of Professional Standards will distribute the completed forms as follows:
a. Original Bureau of Human Resources
b. Copy - Employee’s Command
c. Copy – Employee