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differently reinforce successive approximations toward a terminal behavior.


differential reinforcement

procedure in which reinforcement is provided for responses that shape a predetermined dimension or quality and reinforcement is withheld for responses that do not demonstrate this quality


response differantiation

when differential reinforcement is applied consistently within a response class its dual effects result in a new response class composed primarily of responses sharing the characteristics of the previously reinforced sub class


successive approximations

gradually changing criterion for reinforcement during shaping results in succession of new response classes.


clicker training

science based system for shaping BX using positive reinforcement.
reinforcement is paired with clicking sound so the sound becomes a conditioned reinforcer


guidelines for implementing shaping

- Select the termal BX
-Determine the criterion for success
-analyze the response class
-identify the first BX to reinforce
-eliminate interfering or extraneous stimuli
-proceed in gradual stages
-limit number of approx. at each level
-continue to reinforce when the terminal BX is acheived.