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What are the attitudes towards sex and marriage nowadays

- 97% of people have pre-marital sex
- 80% of people have had more than one sexual partner
- most people will have between 5-10 sexual partners
- it is socially acceptable to cohabit
- people get married on average at 32
- people are less likely to get married in church


What is the Christian attitude to sex and marriage

- God created man and woman for each other
- the relationship is perfectly fulfilled in the sacrament of marriage


What two quotes from genesis support the catholic attitude to marriage

- 'it is not good for man to be alone'
- 'a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife and they become one flesh'


What is the purpose of sex and marriage in Christianity

- it unites the couple in a life long relationship of love and faithfulness
- the best place for the procreation and bringing up of Christian children


What happens at a catholic marriage ceremony

- the priest acts as the churches witness
- the bride and groom exchange vows in which they promise a lifetime of faithfulness and to accept children as a gift from God
- the couple exchange rings, which symbolise the unending nature of marriage
- prayers are said asking for God to bless the union, and the holy communion must also be taken


What is the Christian attitude to sex outside of marriage

- sex is a valuable gift from God
- sex was created for the joy, pleasure and bond of a married couple, as well as for procreation
- sex outside marriage is wrong


Why does the Catholic Church condemn pre-marital sex

It's against the biblical view of marriage (genesis)


Why does the Catholic Church condemn extra-marital sex

Because to commit adultery is to break one of the Ten Commandments


What were the attitudes towards sex and marriage in the 1950's

- sex should be saved for marriage
- 65% of weddings happened in churches
- most people would be married by 25
- to live together without being married was 'living in sin'