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Experience Design

Information Design
Interaction Design
Sensorial Design
--> all overlap to create "content"


Smith´s 10 rules for successful experiential marketing

1. Experience don´t just happened (they need to be planned)
2. Think about the C. Experience first (and late about functional features)
3. Be obsessive about details of experience
4. Find the "duck" for your brand (element that tiggers, summarises the experience)
5. Think of consumption situation not product
6. Strive the "holistic experience" (appealing, provide relational, social identity)
7. "Experiential Grid" - profile & track experiential impact (diff. types of experiences)
8. Use Methodologies eclectically (verbal, qualitative, visual, artificial lab setting)
9. Consider how experience changes when extending the brand (new categories, diff. cultures strategies)
10. Add dynamism to company &brand (be flexible, speed)


Customer Experience Journey

1. need of generation
2. initial consideration
3. engagement (1st interaction)
4. Evaluation
5. Moment of purchase
6. Delivery/Installation
7. Usage
8. AFTER --> Loyalty Curve (comes back to moment of purchase)


Customer Journey Map

"...visually illustrates C. processes, needs, perceptions throughout their interaction and S with an organisation"


Customer Journey
Long-Term Relation

1. understanding & diagnosing experience
2. designing experiences & solutions (redesign existing and create new)
3. Implementing/ Measuring Improvement (gap between current experience and ideal)
4. Communicating IN (orient, train, align) vs OUT( consistent value proposal)


Elements of Customer Journey Map

touch points
moments of truth
moments of pain
bottleneck (queue)
WOW factor


Brand Touchpoints during C. Experience

pre- purchase
--> word of mouth, social media
--> sales person, web, e-commerce, packaging
--> surveys, forums, SM, customer service, loyalty program


Journey Improvement
Key Capabilities
Levi Stadium Customer

Proactive Personalisation
Contextual Interaction
Journey Innovation


Customer Experience Pyramid

Customer-cEntric Services
Customer Journey
Customer Service



-emotional engaging elements
- relevant social engagement
--> SC Fulfilment, PD, Marketing
--> CS and Sales


Customer-Centric Services

sell solution not products
innovate to increase value to C. (deep ongoing on C. insight)
--> PD, IT, Operation, Marketing, CS, Sales


Customer Journey

CJ map --> easy, efficient, end-to-end
consistent across channels
coordination, communication
--> Ope, IT, Marketing, CS, Sales


Customer Services

Friendly, responsive
efficient touchpoints
get it right at first time (first impression)
deal with issue most professional way
--> CS and sales


CX Pyramid
point of view Customer

1. furnish information I can use
2. solve problem when ask
3. resolve needs when ask
4. provide what needed without asking
5. provide what needed without me knowing
6. make me better, safer, more powerful (good feeling)


CX Pyramid
CX Borders
vs Amazon

Books -->
make book experience more pleasant with cafes
recommendation based on staffs knowledge and fav.books
Amazon -->
re-imagining the CE of shopping in digital world
personalised selection
instant access to any book in the world, free delivery, 1 hour delivery


CXM Initiatives GOAL

profoundly different experiences that satisfy higher order of customer needs
rather than just seeking incremental improvements to Customer Care or existing products