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How do we view self in a relational context?

-Self, other and relationship

-Western culture- individualism- people are dependent upon nothing outside themselves for their existence (Wilder 1980)


Hoftstedes cultural dimensions (2001)

Western- individualism, self-expression, self fulfillment, language of self

Eastern- collectivism, relational self, interdependent language of relational/contextual harmony


individualist- bellah et al 1985

"we believe in the dignity, indeed the sacredness of the individual. Anything that would violate our right to think for ourselves, judge for ourselves, make our own decisions, live our lives as we see fit, is not only morally wrong, its sacrilegious"


Collectivist- markus and kitayama 1991

"experiencing interdependence entails seeing oneself as part of an encompassing social relationship and recognising that one's behaviour is determined, contingent on, and to a large extent organised by what the actor (actress) perceives to be the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others in the relationship"


paradigms of seeing self in relationship

paradigm 1- individuals loosely connected

paradigm 2- self and other embedded within a relationship

paradigm 3- non separable self/other/relationship