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Orlando Shooting

June 2016
Around 50 dead
Pulse posted on Facebook at 2:09am: "Everyone get out of Pulse and keep running"


Euro 2016 incidents

June 2016
England, Russia and France supporters involved in incidents due to Euro 2016
20 arrested
35 injured


Father Murdered 6 Year Old Child

June 2016
Ben Butler (Father) murdered 6 year old daughter 11 months after returning to his care
Jailed for a minimum of 23 years


British man arrested for attempting to grab a policemans gun at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas

June 2016


Sir Cliff Richard to sue

June 2016
He may sue BBC over police raid coverage on his home over false sexual assault allegations


Nigel Farage stands down

July 2016
UKIP leader Nigel Farage stands down after leave result as his "ambition was achieved"


Attack in Nice

July 2016
Bastille attack in Nice
84 dead


Theresa May becomes prime minister

July 2016


Great British Bake Off publicity stunt

October 2016
Hearse morning GBBO parked outside the BBC building


Theresa May cannot trigger Brexit

Not until MP's vote for it
November 2016


Exoskeleton for the elderly

May 2017
Smart exoskeleton predicts when the elderly are going to fall and keeps them on their feet

(Films such as Elysium and the Matrix suggested hyperrealism-now becoming a reality)


NHS Hack

May 2017
Wasn't about making money – Americans making a point

(the motivation of the protagonist)


Facebook hiring staff to monitor offensive posts

May 2017
Facebook is hiring 3000 people to finally tackle the problem of offensive videos and post

(Facebook live has been abused – Steve Stevens: footage of him self shooting dead a grandad, Robert Goodwin Sr in Ohio) April 2017


Lenovo Phone

May 2017
Lenovo's Moto C will cost just £90


Japan Robots

May 2017
Japanese firms are investing in robots and automation due to labour shortage

(Human figure)


Ocado use of AI

May 2017
Ocado using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to organise online orders
The warehouse is reliant on technology


Google Pixel Phone

May 2017
Googles assistant more advanced than Siri


David Cameron Resigns

June 2016
EU Referendum result leave, David Cameron resigns as prime minister


Terrorism most immediate threat to UK, says MI6

December 2016


Theresa May rejects petition regarding Trump

February 2017
Theresa May formally rejects petition signed by 1.8 million people calling for cancellation of Donald Trump state visit


Trump on fake news

February 2017
Trump: US medias dishonesty is out of control


Manchester bombing

22nd May 2017
Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena
22 killed
59 injured