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State the purpose of a Human Performance Requirement Review (HPRR).

Designed to revalidate individual training requirements and/or identify new training requirements as they apply to rate, grade, community, course, and system configuration.


State the periodicity of conducting Human Performance Requirement Review (HPRR)

36 month cycle, unless triggering event occurs requiring more frequency.


Explain the roles and responsibilities for NMETC/NETC following the HPRR process.

Testing policy and guidance


Explain the roles and responsibilities for NMETC Academic Directorate?NETC N7 following the HPRR process

Provides oversight of policy and guidance.


Explain the roles and responsibilities for Commanding Officer following the HPRR process

Serves as CCA, chairs HPRR Executive Steering Committee (ESC).


Explain the roles and responsibilities for Director of Training following the HPRR process

Provide HPRR oversight/guidance. Member of (ESC)


Explain the roles and responsibilities for Learning Standards Officer (LSO) following the HPRR process

Manages HPRR process, drafts schedules, manages HPRR NKO website


Explain the roles and responsibilities for CCMM following the HPRR process



Explain the roles and responsibilities for HPRR Coordinator following the HPRR process

Plans/facilitates HPRR, meeting coordinator, serves as CCMM


Explain the roles and responsibilities for HPRR Executive Steering Committee following the HPRR process

Required component. reviews/validates/prioritizes HPRR action chits


Explain the roles and responsibilities for Stakeholders following the HPRR process

Designated person within the community responsible for training requirements under HPRR review.


Discuss the input data that affects training requirement validation.

TCCD, CTTL, PPP, Unresolved HPRR Action Chits, Performance Issue Documentation, OCCSTDs, NTSP


State the four triggers to conduct a HPRR.

-Requests by requirement sponsor
-Fleet feedback
-Course Surveillance
-Curriculum Control Authority


State three HPRR messages.

-Annual HPRR schedule message.
-HPRR announcement message.
-HPRR agenda message.
-HPRR action chit


Explain the purpose of the Human Performance Requirement Review action chit

Summarizes the HPRR: Date completed, lists quick wins, requests sponsor provided POA/M, and provides point of contact information.


Explain the correlation of a Formal Course Review and the HPRR process.

FCR is focused on the schoolhouse versus the center and serves to validate the HPRR effort to ensure proper execution of training requirements/systems.


Explain the process for findings for submission during a FCR.

Review team publishes findings and establishes timelines for corrective action. Learning site formally responds per approved POA/M.


Discuss the purpose of Training Requirement Identification and Resource Sponsor Commitment.

Ensures requirement is valid and resources will be programmed and sustained.


List the three forms of acceptable actions from a Resource Sponsor identifying the commitment of resources to a valid training requirement.

Naval Message, Command Letter Head, Digitally Signed Email.


Discuss the purpose of Occupational Standards (OCCSTD).

Statements of the minimum skills required of Navy Enlisted rating as established by primary sponsors.


List and discuss the primary basis for which OCCSTDs are used.

OCCSTDs are the basis for implementing and supporting actions for manning, distribution, training, and advancement.


Explain where the remaining E4 and below OCCSTDs, that are not selected to be taught in "A" School, should be taught, e.g. (in which other training environments).

In other training environments i.e. on-board training (OBT); On-The-Job training (OJT); Proficiency training.


Explain the role for CNO (OPNAV) as it pertains to OCCSTDs.

Review and approve OCCSTDs.


Explain the role for Resource Sponsor as it pertains to OCCSTDs.

Review/approve the Training Task Analysis (TTA) Report.


Explain the role for Fleet and Type Commanders as it pertains to OCCSTDs.

Ensure participation in Navy (SMS) and NTRR event.


Explain the role for Navy Manpower Analysis Center as it pertains to OCCSTDs.

Ensure SMS surveys are conducted and OCCSTDs are issued in a timely manner, and coordinated with the appropriate NTRR event schedule.