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As a solutions architect, you have been tasked to implement a fully Serverless REST API. Which technology choices do you recommend?
A) API Gateway + AWS Lambda
B) Application Load Balancer + EC2
D) CloudFront + S3

A) API Gateway + AWS Lambda

This is fully serverless


Which technology does not have an out of the box caching feature?
A) API Gateway
B) Lambda
C) DynamoDB

B) Lambda

Lambda does not have an out of the box caching feature (it's often paired with API gateway for that)


Which service allows to federate mobile users and generate temporary credentials so that they can access their own S3 bucket sub-folder?
A) Cognito
D) CloudFront

A) Cognito


You would like to distribute your static content which currently lives in Amazon S3 to multiple regions around the world, such as the US, France and Australia. What do you recommend?
A) S3 Cross Region Replication
B) CloudFront
C) Route 53
D) API Gateway

B) CloudFront

This is a perfect use case for CloudFront


You have hosted a DynamoDB table in ap-northeast-1 and would like to make it available in eu-west-1. What must be enabled first to create a DynamoDB Global Table?
A) DynamoDB Streams
B) DynamoDB DAX
C) DynamoDB Versioning
D) DynamoDB Backups

A) DynamoDB Streams

Streams enable DynamoDB to get a changelog and use that changelog to replicate data across regions


A Lambda function is triggered by a DynamoDB stream and is meant to insert data into SQS for further long processing jobs. The Lambda function does seem able to read from the DynamoDB stream but isn't able to store messages in SQS. What's the problem?
A) The flow DynamoDB => Lambda => SQS isn't authorized
B) The Lambda IAM role is missing permissions
C) The Lambda security group must allow outbound access to SQS
D) The SQS security group must be edited to allow lambda

B) The Lambda IAM role is missing permissions


You would like to create a micro service whose sole purpose is to encode video files with your specific algorithm from S3 back into S3. You would like to make that micro-service reliable and retry upon failure. Processing a video may take over 25 minutes. The service is asynchronous and it should be possible for the service to be stopped for a day and resume the next day from the videos that haven't been encoded yet. Which of the following service would you recommend to implement this service?
A) S3 + Lambda
B) SQS + EC2
C) SNS + EC2
D) SQS + Lambda 1

B) SQS + EC2

SQS allows you to retain messages for days and process them later, while we take down our EC2 instances


You would like to distribute paid software installation files globally for your customers that have indeed purchased the content. The software may be purchased by different users, and you want to protect the download URL with security including IP restriction. Which solution do you recommend?
A) S3 pre-signed URLs
B) CloudFront Signed URL
D) S3 Public Bucket

D) S3 Public Bucket

This will have security including IP restriction


You are a photo hosting service and publish every month a master pack of beautiful mountains images, that are over 50 GB in size and downloaded from all around the world. The content is currently hosted on EFS and distributed by ELB and EC2 instances. You are experiencing high load each month and very high network costs. What can you recommend that won't force an application refactor and reduce network costs and EC2 load dramatically?
A) Hosts the master pack into S3
B) Create a CloudFront distribution
C) Upgrade the EC2 instances
D) Enable ELB caching

B) Create a CloudFront distribution

CloudFront can be used in front of an ELB


You would like to deliver big data streams in real time to multiple consuming applications, with replay features. Which technology do you recommend?
A) Kinesis Data Streams
B) Kinesis Firehose
D) Amazon MQ

A) Kinesis Data Streams

Kinesis Data Streams has all these features