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Which of the following is new to the 2015 Tundra line up?

TRD Pro Models (double cab and crew Max)


Which feature is NOT an exclusive 2015 Prius persona series feature?

8 JBL Greenedge Speakers with Amplifier

-17 five spoke dark metal finish alloy wheels
-Dark Chrome Accents on door grips, steering wheel and shifter
-Heated power outside mirros with turn signal indicators and folding feature


Which of the following is new to the Toyota Yaris for 2015

Redesigned interior and exterior, refined performance


What is one unique feature to Entune's Predictive feature

Allows drivers to check traffic in the next 15, 30 and 45 minute increments


What to thousand 15 Toyota Prius model has been we introduced for the 2015 MY?

Persona Series


Which of the following is included with Yari's improved performance qualities for 2015?

Sport-tuned electric power steering (EPS) standard on all trim grades


What is one of 2015 Corolla's key selling points?

Low Cost of ownership, high retained value.


Which of the following is included with all next-generation CY13 Entune Audio head unit?

Advanced Voice Recognition


Which trim is new to the 2015 Camry Lineup for 2015?

XSE, Hybrid SE


Which of the following reflects 2015 Camry Hybrid SE's fuel economy?

40 city / 38 highway / 40 combined


Which safety feature is included as standard on all 2015 Camry models?

Back up camera


Which of the following ways does 2015 Sienna beat out 2015 Odessey, 2014 Grand Caravan and 2014 Town and Country?

More cargo room, more standard air bags


Which feature that was previously standard only on Highlander Limited models is now standard on all 2015 highlander models?

Projector-beam halogen smoked-Chrome accent headlights


Which of the following represents 2015 Prius plug-in's battery (120V/240V)

~3 hrs / ~1.5 hrs


Of 2015 Highlanders competitors, which is the ONLY competitor to have the advantage versus Highlander in EPA rated MPG estimates?

2014 Nissan Pathfinder platinum


What cargo volume can be found on 2015 Prius?

21.6 cu. ft.


What 2015 Prius plug-in feature(s) are not available on Nissan leaf, Chevy volt or C-Max Energi?

Dynamic radar cruise control, head up display


What advanced safety feature is included a standard on all 2015 sienna limited models?

Safety Connect(R)


Which of the following is one way 2015 Yaris SE outshines 2015 Honda fit EX in performance qualities?

Sport-tuned electric power steering (EPS), sport-tuned suspension


Which feature found standard on 2015 Camry XSE V6 is an extra cost feature on 2015 Accord EX-L V6?

Navigation system


Which 2015 Yaris trim grade receives newly designed 16-inch machine finished alloy wheels?



What 2015 Sienna models feature standard high-intensity discharge headlights (HID) with manual lever control, Auto on and off feature and LED daytime running lights (DRL)?

Limited premium models


What Corolla trim receives a front grill with Argent grey painted insert standard for 2015?

LE and LE Eco models


Which exterior paint color is newly available for 2015 Tacoma (TRD Pro Models)?

Inferno (4X0)


In the next-generation Entune audio lineup, which head unit introduces Sirius XM radio, HD radio, and HD traffic and weather?

Entune audio plus


Which of the following is new to the 2015 Tacoma Lineup?

TRD Pro models (access cab and double cab)


Which vehicle does 2015 Yaris SE beat and cargo volume measurements? 15.6 cu ft vs 14.9 cu ft)

2015 Ford fiesta


What performance quality is at the heart of every Prius?

Hybrid synergy drive


What 2015 Prius model(s) feature a driver's door Smart Key System?
1. Prius Two
2. Prius Two and up
3. Prius Three and up
4. Prius Persona Series

2. Prius Two and up
3. Prius Three and up
4. Prius Persona Series

Has to be Prius Two


Which of these features is not a 2015 Tacoma TRD pro model exclusive item?

Active traction control

16 inch Matte black alloy wheels
Black front and rear bumper lower bumper accent
Unique TOYOTA front Grille