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Who is the owner of Communicable Disease Prevention and Protection?

JSO Safety Officer


A _______ _____ may be defined as an infectious disease capable of being passed to another by contact with an infected person, their body fluids, or infected materials.

communicable disease


Primary communicable diseases of concern to law enforcement employees: 5

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)


Hepatitis B Vaccinations
The vaccine will be offered within ___ working days of an employee’s initial assignment as a first aid responder (police, corrections, or other "at risk positions") unless the employee has previously had the vaccine or who wishes to submit to antibody testing which shows the employee to have sufficient immunity.



_____ of latex gloves is recommended.



In case of a needlestick, the glove should be removed
immediately and the wound scrubbed with _______.

hot soapy water


A rinse of household bleach solution (__ cups of bleach to __ gallon of water) is an adequate deactivating agent for most infectious pathogens.

1 ½


Direct mouth-to-mouth contact (should/should not)
be utilized in resuscitation procedures.

should not, use CPR pocket mask


In the event an employee is involved in an exposure incident, shower facilities located within the Pretrial Detention Facility (PDF), Montgomery Correctional Center (MCC), and the Community Transition Center (CTC) have been designated as _____ _____.

decontamination sites


Blood Tests (Suspects)
Any person or inmate who injures a law enforcement officer, acting within the scope of employment, may be examined to determine if such person or inmate has a ______ ______ ____.

sexually transmissible disease


Blood Tests (Suspects)
These tests may be administered on a _____ basis or under the authority of City of Jacksonville (COJ) Administrative Order 98-5 or a _____ _____ can be
obtained to compel the person to submit to such a test.

court order


Blood Tests (Suspects)
If exposure at death investigation to communicable disease, the officer must fill out a _________ Form and give to homicide detective. The homicide detective with give to MEO and request the blood sample.

Notice of Injury Report and Exposure Incident Report


All affected employees will receive _____ refresher training which will be documented in the ACADIS training log.



a designated employee who reports to the Chief of
Human Resources to oversee safety programs targeted by the OSHA and implemented within the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff's Office Safety Officer


The Sheriff's Office Safety Officer will evaluate the effectiveness of the Respiratory Protection Program during ______ of every year.

the first quarter


The Sheriff's Office Safety Officer will Determine the proper types of respiratory protective devices and communicate this information to Chief of Human Resources and the ______________.

Director of Personnel and Professional Standards


How often is a supervisor required to inspect respiratory protection devices?

at least quarterly


Respiratory protective devices are classified into two main types:

Air-Purifying and Atmosphere-Supplying.


_____ _______ respirators are designed to remove contaminate in the form of particles, gases, and vapors, or combination of these.

Air purifying


___ ______ respirators do not supply oxygen and cannot be worn in an oxygen deficient atmosphere

Air purifying


_____ ______ respirators are devices which provide an air source independent of the surrounding atmosphere.

Atmosphere Supplying


Air-Purifying devices are basically classified into three types of respiratory protective devices:

1. Mechanical-Filter (Particulate) Respirators (dust mask)
2. Vapor and gas removing respirators
3. Powered air-purifying respirators


There are three types of atmosphere supplying respirators:

1. A SCBA provides a transportable quantity of breathable air in an air cylinder.
2. A supplied-air respirator provides air through an air line or air hose and is delivered to a half-mask, full face piece, hood, helmet, or as a complete suit in certain applications.
3. Combination self-contained and supplied air are essentially the same as the airline respirator with an added compressed air cylinder which may be carried at one's side


When an officer cannot receive a proper fit that prevents the officer from wearing a respirator, the officer will notify his ___ ________.

watch commander


Inspections must be documented on a _____ and the records maintained within the division with a copy being forwarded to the Sheriff's Office ____ _____.

Form P-004
Safety Officer