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What was the Weimar Republic?

Democracy put into place by Treaty of Versailles, enforced by the Allies of WWI. Got rid of Germans monarchy.


Why were Germans mad at the Treaty of Versailles?

Made Germany pay reparations to France, guilt for the war, no more military, lost their lands. made them weak


What is hyperinflation?

Rapid increase in value of money


Why did Germany purposely hyperinflate their economy?

To pay back their reparations


How did US help Germany with hyperinflation?

Loaned Germany A lot of US money to pump into their economy, to stop hyperinflation.


What was the problem with this solution?

Tied Europeans economy to the United States economy


What were the three underlying causes of the Great depression in the US?

Too many people relied on credit to buy goods
Inequality of wealth
The banking system collapsed, taking with it people’s money


How did the Great Depression affect the rest of the world?

When our economy stopped, we stopped loaning money to Germany, which collapsed their economies. They were then unable to pay France and Britain, which collapsed their economies.


How did the US get out of the Great Depression?

All did some form of “Government putting large amounts of money into the economy to jump start it.
We paid people to build schools, plant trees, etc. Eventually, we paid them to build war materials for WW2.


How did the Great Depression affect regular people in Germany?

Lost their jobs, lost their savings in the bank.


How did Hitler use the Great Depression to take power?

He used the fear and anger at the government to convince them he was the only person who could fix it


What are the major beliefs of Fascism?

Based on extreme loyalty to one leader and to the “nation” over the individual
Strong countries are better countries, and need a strong military to conquer lesser countries
Individualism and liberalism enable dangerous decadence and have a negative effect on the group.
A strong sense of community or brotherhood, brought together by the belief they are victims.


What was the reichstag fire?

A fire that at their government building


Who was found guilty of the fire?

A Communists


Who probably started the fire?

Nazis- Hitler


How did the Nazis use the Reichstag Fire to take control of Germany?

Blamed the fire on the communist political party, which allowed them to outlaw the communist party from elections, allowing the nazi party to win the election.


What was the Enabling Act?

Made Hitler a dictator by allowing him to have sole power to pass laws.


How did Hitler use the 4 methods of control?

-Videos, ant-sentism pictures
-Book burning
Leader Worship
-Made himself a god figure
Police State
-Sent enemies to concentration camps, secret police.