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Extraordinary commander under Sulla

Raised 3 legions as privatus and joined Sulla
He was given command in Sicily and Africa to mop up Marian resistance - he puts Carbo and D. Ahenobarbus to death
Returns and demands a triumph


Aftermath of Sulla

Lepidus and Catulus consuls for 78, Lepidus elected in support of Pompey.
Sulla retires and dies in 78
Faesulae revolts against Sullan veterans
Lepidus joins the revolt; Catulus and Pompey sent to fight him. Pompey crushes him


Pompey's odd career

Appointed to commands with imperium WITHOUT holding office.
Still an eques when sent against Sertorius, not even with the senate.
Triumphs before holding consulship
Holds consulship before any other office


70s BC; the issues

The tribunate - Lex aurelia (75) passed by C. Aurelius Cotta, removes ban on tribunes holding other offices
Grain distributions - distributions in 78 and shortages in 75
Restoration of land post-Social war legacy census held in 70, enrolls 900,000 citizens


Cicero's Verrine orations

Tried Verres for extortion
Divinatio in Caecilium - speech to win right to plead the case. The case was about more than Verres


Pompey the consul

Restored remaining tribunician powers


Pompey's extraordinary commands part 2

Mediterranean pirates; Rome's weakening of eastern monarchs leads to rise of piracy - Rome attempts interventions
M Antonius in 74 is defeated in the east
Piracy part of the Med economy and fueled the Roman slave estates


Strabo 14.5.2

Rome used many slaves and got them off the pirates which benefited piracy


Lex Gabinia 67 bc

Pompey against the pirates - it was passed with the support of Caesar
It empowers Pompey to act across the whole Med with a 3 year limit
15 legates to be deployed where Pompey is not present
It was unpopular with the senate


Pluatch, Life of Pompey

Pompey was given complete authority in the navy which extended over all seas


Third War against Mithridates - Lex Manilia 66 bce

Manilius, the tribune, proposed a new law which Pompey should be given all the territory and forces under the command of Lucullus and Glabrio


Plutarch in the Lex Manilia

'In practice this meant putting the whole of the Roman empire into one man's hand'


Mithridates' death in 63 bc

Pompey triumphant and he reorganises Asia Minor


Pompey's return in 62 bc

His army demobbed and he had a 2 day triumph
He looks to senate to ratify his eastern actions
In 60 bc a land bill proposed for Pompey's troops. The bill is blocked by Metellus Celer and Cato.