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Method of rating the effect of impact noise on the floor assemblies caused by foot traffic for machinery

Impact Isolation Class (IIC), also referred to as Impact Noise Rating


Amplification and reverberation are functions of the absorptive characteristic of a material rated by a

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)


Lightweight porous materials are effective for sound _____ while heavy impervious materials are effective for sound ________.

Absorption, isolation


Begins upon substantial completion

Warranty period


It is essential for an owner to obtain the _______ before any portion of the retainage is released to the contract

The surety's written consent (G707A)


Change order (G701) Is a written instrument prepared by the architect and signed by the owner, contractor and architect, stating their agreement upon all of the following:

— Change in the work, sum and time.


When total agreement on the terms of the change order are not reached, a _____ is used.

Construction change directive


Once a Construction Change Directive is signed it becomes a ______. It does not have to be signed, but contractors still obligated to perform the work

Contract modification


The general conditions require the contractor suit to submit a ______ that here she has paid all payrolls, bills for materials and equipment, and other indebtedness for which the owner and the property might be held liable under lean laws.


G706 - contractors affidavit of payment of debts and claims

G706A - contractors affidavit of release of liens


AIA general conditions cover payments for _______, though payments may be approved in advance by the owner otherwise if agreed upon in writing

Materials and equipment delivered and suitably stored at the site, versus stored off-site


________ is the process by which the owner withholds money from the contractor as a protection against the contractors potential failure to complete the work according to contract requirement



__________ notifies the contractor of an anticipated change and requests a proposal from the contractor stating the cost and/or time impact of the change

A proposal request


__________ would be used if there is no change in the cost or time, if an architect wants to save time by outlining and anticipated change in a construction detail.

The architects supplemental instructions


If a change order results in an increase in cost, the following methods maybe used to determine the amount:

— Lump sum
— Unit prices
— Cost plus a fee


The AAA general conditions require the ____, not the ______ to purchase property insurance.

Owner, not the contractor


________ is responsible for identifying the presence of hazardous material.

The owner


______ results in permanent community open space.

Cluster zoning


In ______ , hey developers permitted to reduce the minimum lot size below that required for conventional zoning, so long as the total number of drawings in the subdivision remains the same, and if the land game to thereby is preserved as a permanent community open space.

Cluster zoning


Similar to a cluster developments a _____ is larger and scale and may include commercial and industrial development, as well as housing. Since it utilizes the cluster zoning concept, it generally does not require a zoning variance.

PUD [planned unit development]


______ describes a process where proper resources and scrutiny be applied to the design, documentation, and construction of a building in order to prevent errors before they are made

Quality assurance


The architect is required to secure from the contractor an affidavit confirming all payments have been satisfied before the architect may issue a

Final certificate for payment


Total cost of the project includes, in addition to the direct cost of construction, such items as professional fees, land costs, furnishings and equipment, financing costs, legal cost, and cost of inspection and tests. These costs, with the exception of those for Landon furnishings and equipment, are usually around __% of the cost of construction.



Methods employed by architects for estimating the cost of construction include all of the following:

— Area and volume estimates
— Subsystem estimates
— Cost per unit


______ include an item by item accounting of each product or material used and are typically outside the scope of architectural services.

Quality and cost method


During the production of working drawings, the client has financial problems paying the architect on account of the architectural fee. Under the standard agreement, what recourse does the architect have?

The architect may terminate the agreement.


The general condition stipulate that neither the final payment nor any portion of the retainage is to be paid until the contractor provides _____.

A release or waiver of liens to the owner


According to that AIA general conditions, when acting on a submittal, and architects may not _______.

Returned without review


An amount of money set aside in the budget to cover unanticipated expenses.



Working drawings, specifications, addenda, general conditions of the contract, supplementary conditions, and the owner-contractor agreement

Contract documents


The date certified by the architect when the construction is sufficiently completed in accordance with the contract documents, so that the owner can occupy the project for the intended use

Date of substantial completion