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A 201 – article 14 — when the owner terminate the contract for one of the reasons stated, the contractor shall not be entitled to receive further payment until...

The work is finished


B141 — article 1 — The owner shall furnish to the architect, within __ days after receipt of written request, information necessary and relevant for the architect to evaluate, give notice of, or enforce lien rights.

15 days


B141 – article 1 — The cost of work does not include ...

The compensation of the architect and the architect consultants, the cost of the land, rights of ways and financing or other costs that are the responsibility of the owner.


B141 – article 1 — there are at least ___ methods of computing compensation for architectural services. Four of these methods or time-based, reflecting different ways the time spent by the architect on the project.



B141 – article 1 — direct salaries of the designated personnel are multiplied by a factor representing benefits, overhead and profit.

Multiple of direct salary expense


B141 – article 1 — The salaries plus benefits of designated personnel are multiplied by a factor representing overhead and profit

Multiple of direct personnel expense


B141 – article 1 — Salaries, benefits and overhead of designated personnel are the expense and the fee maybe a multiplier, percentage or lump sum representing profit.

Professional fee plus expenses


B141 – article 1 — Salaries, benefits, overhead and profit are included in the rate for designated personnel.

Hourly billing rate


B141 – article 2 — if a budget amount for the cost of the work has been identified in article 1.1 and the lowest bid or negotiate a proposal exceeds the owner suggested budget for the cost of work, the architect is obligated to _____ the documents to comply with the owner's budget at no cost to the owner

Modify the documents at no cost to the owner.

Note: the obligation to redesign at no cost to the owner is the limit of the architects responsibility.


B141 – article 2 — The architect will provide either bidding or negotiation service, but not ____



B141 – article 2 — The architects contract administration services now are further divided into six subcategories:

1. General administration
2. Evaluations of the work
3. Certification of payments to the contractor
4. Submittals
5. Changes in the work
6. Project completion


B141 – article 2.7 — this new article provides for two meetings between the architect and the owner; one promptly after substantial completion to review the need for facility operation services, and the second before the expiration of ____.

One year from the date of substantial completion to review the building's performance.


In a typical project manual, what comprises the contract forms?

The owner contractor agreement
A performance bond
A payment bond
A certificate of insurance


The contract documents consist of ...

— The owner contractor agreement
— General and supplementary conditions of the contract
— Specifications in CSI format
— The working drawings
— Addenda
— Modifications


Construction documents consist of...

— Project manual
— Bidding documents
— Contract documents
As well as:
– Bidding requirements
– Contract forms
– Contract conditions
– Specifications
– Drawings
– Addendum


Contract terms: The general requirements division of the specifications which enables the administrative and procedural duties of the contractor, architect, and owner during construction.

Division I


Contract terms: The agreements between the owner and the contractor for the construction of a project.

General contract


Contract terms: The part of the contract documents which states the rights, responsibilities, and relationships of the parties involved, usually by means of standard documents published by the AIA.

General conditions


Contract terms: use because of unusual or special circumstances or to accommodate the specific project requirements above and beyond the norm

Supplementary Gen. conditions


Contract terms: requirements usually requested by government or local building agencies

Special conditions


Contract terms: defines the specific procedures that a contractor must follow

Gen. requirements


Contract terms: The contract for building construction under which one prime contractors responsible for the entire project, in contrast to having separate contracts

Single prime contract


Contract terms: one of the several owner-contractor agreements for a project, each of which provides for constructing a major portion of the work (General construction, electrical, mechanical, etc.) by a different contract.

Separate prime contract


Contract terms: an agreement under which the contractor, or the architect, is reimbursed for their cost, and, in addition, is paid a fee for his or her services

Cost-plus fee contract


Contract terms: The architectural services normally required for a building project, usually consisting of schematic design, bidding or negotiation, and construction contract administration.

Basic services (architect)


Sustainability: LEED is organized into six categories:

— Sustainable sites
— Water efficiency
— Energy and atmosphere
— Material and resources
— Indoor air quality
— Innovation and design practice


Also known as galvanic action, this occurs when two reactive materials, such as aluminum and steel, come into contact with each other, which may lead to corrosion



______ should be separated by mastic, building paper, or other material, to prevent water from creating a galvanic connection between materials.

Reactive materials


_______ allow masonry to move independently of a structural steel or concrete frame, while ______ relieve forces that may build up within individual masonry elements.

Expansion joints, control joints


Is the method of writing acoustic efficiency of various wall and floor systems in isolating airborne sound transmission

Sound transmission class (STC)