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Consent of surety of final payment



Architects field report



Construction change directive



In A101 the contract time shall be measured from

The date of commencement


A 101 – liquidated damages are not a penalty to be inflicted on the contractor, but must bear an actual and reasonably estimable relationship to ___

the owners loss of construction is not completed on time


A 101 — if liquidated damages are to be assessed because delayed construction will result in actual loss to the owner, the amount of damage due for each day lost should be entered in the _____

Supplementary conditions or the agreement.


A 101 — article 5 — the last day upon which work maybe included in an application should normally be no less than ______ days prior to the payment due date

14 days, in consideration of the seven days required for the architects of valuation of the application and issuance of a certificate for payment in the time subsequently accorded to the owner to make payment.


A 101 — article 5 – except with the owners prior approval, the contractor shall not make advance payments to ____

Suppliers for materials or equipment which is not been delivered and stored at the site


A 101 – article 5 — final payment: The contractor has fully performed the contract except for the contractors responsibility to _______

Correct work.


A 101 – article 5 — final payment: The owners final payment to the contractor shall be made no later than ______ days after the issuance of the architects final certificate for payment

30 days after the issuance of the architects final certificate for payment


A 201 – general conditions of the contract for construction — The contract documents, including a 201, record the contract for construction between the owner and contractor. The other contract documents are:

Owner contractor agreement A101
Supplementary conditions


A 201 – article 1 — unless specifically numerate it in the agreement, the contract documents shall not include other documents such as _____

Bidding requirements


A 201 – article 2 — The owner shall furnish to the contractor within _____ days after receipt of a written request, information necessary and relevant for the contractor to evaluate, give notice of, or enforce mechanics lien rights

15 days


A 201 – article 2 — contractor is responsible to pay

Permits and fees


A 201 – article 2 — The owner is responsible for securing and paying necessary ______

Approvals, easements, assessments and charges required for construction, use, or occupancy


A 201 – article 2 — 2.4.1

Read it


A 201 – article 3 — unless otherwise provided in the contract documents, the contractor shall secure and pay for

The building permit and other permits and governmental fees, licenses and inspections necessary for proper execution completion of the work


A 201 – article 3 — shop drawings, product data, samples and similar submittals are not

Contract documents


A 201 – article 3 — submittals which are not required by the contract documents may be returned by the architect

Without action


A 201 – article 4 — claims by either party must be initiated within ____ days after the occurrence or first recognition

21 days


A 201 – article 4 — Claims for concealed or unknown conditions

21 days


A 201 – article 8 — The contractor shall notify the owner in writing not less than ___ days or other agreed. Before commencing the work to permit the timely filing of mortgages, mechanics lien and other security interests

Five days


A 201 – article 9 — at least___ days before the date established for each progress payment, the contractor shall submit to the architect an itemized application for payment with the operations completed in accordance with the schedule of values

At least 10 days


A 201 – article 9 — The architect will, within ___ days after receipt of the contractors application for payment, either issue to the owner certificate for payment, with a copy to the contractor, for such an amount is the architect determines is properly do, or notify the contractor and owner in writing of the architects reasons for withholding certification in whole or in part.

With in seven days


A 201 – article 9 — if through no fault of his own, the contractor is not paid within the allotted time, he can, upon ___ additional days written notice to the owner and architect, stop work until payment of the amount owed as been received.

Seven additional days after written notice


A 201 – article 9 — if a subcontractor refuses to furnish a release or waiver required by the owner, the ______ may furnish a bond satisfactory to the owner to indemnify the owner against such lien. If such lien remains unsatisfied after the payments made, contractor show refunds to the owner all money the owner may be compelled to pay discharging such lien, including all costs and reasonable attorneys fees.



A 201 – article 11— policies will not be canceled or allowed to expire until at least ___ days prior written notice has been given to the owner

30 days notice


A 201 – article 14 — The contractor may terminate the contract if the work is stopped for a period of 30 consecutive days through no act or fault of the contractor if

— Court or public authority requires all work to be stopped
— An act of government
— Because the architect has not issued a certificate of payment
– Owner has not furnished required documentation per 2.2.1


A 201 – article 14 — if the work has stopped for a period of 60 consecutive days through no fault of the contractor the contractor may, upon ____ additional days written notice terminate the contract

Seven additional days after written notice


A 201 – article 14 — The owner can after giving contractor and the contractors surety, if any, ___ days written notice, terminate employment of the contractor

Seven days written notice