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1. What is the indication that the Nitrogen Generator System (NGS) is not operating?

-with either the INOPERATIVE (amber) light on or no lights on


2. What does the LOW (amber) fuel alert indicate?

-Main Tank has less than 2000 lbs of fuel (for greater than 30 seconds)


3. When does the CONFIG (amber) alert display on fuel quantity gauges?

Center Tank is greater than 1600 lbs, both CTR FUEL PUMP switches are off, and either engine is running


4. What does the IMBAL (amber) alert mean?

-The difference between Main tank quantity is at least 1000 lbs for 60 seconds or longer. Extinguishes when they are less than 200 lbs different.


5. Why is center tank fuel burned first, even though all fuel pumps are operating?

-Center tank fuel pumps have a much greater output pump pressure (23 psi vs 10 psi)


6. Will the LOW PRESSURE light (amber) illuminate if a main tank FUEL PUMP switch is placed to OFF?



7. The Center Tank Fuel Pump switches are ON. What does a CTR PUMP LOW PRESSURE light (amber) indicate? Will the pump shut off?

-low fuel pressure downstream of the pump. Yes, after a continuous LOW PRESSURE signal of 15 seconds. Logic can be reset by placing the pump off and then back on.


8. When do the Fuel Annunciator and MASTER CAUTION LIGHTS illuminate for a Center Tank Fuel Pump LOW PRESSURE light?

-after a 10 second continuous LOW PRESSURE signal


9. What is the purpose of the Crossfeed valve?

-to allow one tank to feed both engines


10. What does a Crossfeed VALVE OPEN light (bright blue) indicate?

-The valve is in transit or disagrees with the selector position


11. What can suction feed from the No. 1 Main Tank? The No. 2 Main Tank?

-Each engine can suction feed from its own tank


12. Where is the Fueling Receptacle?

-At the fueling station mid-point right wing, and provides a single point refueling


13. What closes both the Spar Fuel Shutoff Valve and the Engine Fuel Shutoff Valve?

-Pulling the Fire Switch or Start Lever is placed to CUTOFF


14. What does an ENG VALVE CLOSED (bright blue) light indicate? When would you expect to see it?

-The valve is in transit or valve position disagrees with Engine Start lever or Engine Fire Switch.
-During engine starts (moving Start Lever to idle) or during engine shutdown (Start Lever to CUTOFF or pulling the Fire Switch).