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Who wrote Remains?

Simon Armitage


What is the soldier suffering from in Remains?

PTSD from the psychological horrors he has experienced from the war in Afghanistan.


What can be inferred from the title "Remains?"

It is saying that even though the war is over, horrible things still remain inside his head and there are remains left over despite him being home on leave.


Name a way that the soldier uses to try to remove the horrible memories from his mind.

He says "but the drink and the drugs won't flush him out." The soldier has resorted to drugs to try to suppress his thoughts and forget his experiences.


What is the horrible experience that is described here in Remains?

The soldier is sent out to tackle people raiding a bank and him and his friends shoot the looter and the rounds "rip through his life" as the man is left laying on the floor "sort of inside out."

This is what he continually sees in his time while he is away and he can't forget it.


When is the soldier remembering these events?

When he is dreaming he is being shot.
When he blinks he runs out of the bank.

The way it is written describes how it haunts him all the time regardless of what he is doing and the never- ending stress and anxiety this causes him.