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a gas pressure regulator when installed out doors should have the vent

opening pointing down stream


when installing an appliance regulator and the vent opening is completely blocked this will cause the regulator to

remain permanently open


a two stage propane regulator would typically be set for

first stage 10 psig second stage 11' w.c


when the inlet supply pressure to line pressure exceeds .5 psig it shall

be of a positive shut off type


the leak limiting device should be installed



if a 5psig line pressure regulator has a 3/4 vent tapping and the ventline must be 65 feet what must be done

use 1" pipe for the entire lengh-make the change at the vent tapping


too mant fittings on a vent line could cause

the regulator to hunt


the purpose of a pilot tube in a regulator is

keep downstream pressure closer to set point during flow conditions


if a 5 psig line regulator ( with internal relief) was installed in a boiler room, which of the following would be required

the vent must be piped to a safe location outdoors


a line pressure regulator operating at 2psig or less shall be exampt from the requirments of clause B when equipped with

a vent leaking limiiting system