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Choice theory

Is the theoretical basis for reality therapy; it explains why and how we function.


Reality therapy

Provides a delivery system for helping individuals take more effective control of their lives.


Quality world

Which is at the core of our life. It is the world we would like to live in if we could. It is completely based on our wants and needs, but unlike needs which are general, it is very specific. The quality world consists of specific images, people, activities, events, beliefs, possessions and situations that fulfil our needs. One of the therapists goals is to be the sort of person the client wants in their quality world.


Picture album

We develop an internal picture album of specific wants as well as precise ways to satisfy these wants.


Total behaviour

- Teaches that all behaviour is made up 4 inseparable but distinct components.
- Acting
- Thinking
- Feeling
- Physiology.
- These accompany all of our actions, thoughts, and feelings.
- Choice theory emphasises thinking and acting.
- Behaviour is purposeful because it is designed to close the gap between what we want and what we perceive we are getting. Specific behaviours are generated from this discrepancy. Our behaviours come from the inside, this we choose our destiny.


The primary goal of really therapy

- Is to get people connected or reconnected with people that they have put into their quality world.
- Assist clients is achieving all of their inner needs.
- More effective and responsible choices related to their wants and needs.


Therapists Function and Role

- Often considered a mentoring process where the client student and the therapists is the teacher.
- The therapist encourages the client to engage in self-evaluation - Is the way you are behaving getting you to where you want to be. etc.
- The role of the therapist is not to make an evaluation for the client, though to rather assist clients in their own determinations of what they are doing.
- Instil a sense of hope.


The Practice of Reality Therapy

- Can be best understood as cycle of counselling that consists of two main components:
- 1. Creating he counselling environment
- 2. Implementing specific procedures that lead to change in behaviour.
- The aim is to weave these components together in a way in which leads clients to evaluate their lives and decide to move in more effective directions.



- Is the cornerstone of reality therapy procedures.
- Does your current behaviour have a reasonable chance of getting you what you want now, and will it take you in the direction you want to go?
- Asking clients to evaluate each component of their total behaviour is a challenge in reality therapy.
- The process of evaluation of the doing, thinking, feeling, and physiological components of total behaviour is within the scope of the clients responsibility


Planning and Action

- When new behaviours have been identified, clients are ready to formulate an action plan
- What is you plan?
- If the plan does not work, the client and the therapist make a new plan.
- The plan provides a starting point for the client, however they can be modified.
- Plans must be SAMIC
- Simple
- Attainable
- Measurable
- Immediate
- Involved
- Controlled by the panner.