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Section 1. Title

Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016


Section 2.

Declaration of Policy


Section 3

Definition of Terms


refers to the formal or official approval granted to a person, a program or an organization




Accredited Integrated Professional Organization/
Accredited Professional Organization


refers to the inculcation of advanced knowledge, skills and ethical values in a post-licensure specialization

Continuing Professional Development


refers to a body created to promote and ensure the continuous improvement of professionals

CPD Council


refers to the value of an amount of learning that can be transferred to a qualification achieved from formal, informal or nonformal learning setting

CPD credit unit


refers to a set of learning activities accredited by the CPD Council such as seminars, workshops, technical lectures or subject matter meetings, nondegree training lectures and scientific meetings, modules, tours and visits

CPD Program


refers to a natural or juridical person accredited by the CPD Council to conduct CPD Programs

CPD Provider


refers to educational arrangements which lead to diplomas and qualifications

Formal learning


refers to learning that occurs in daily life assessed, through recognition, validation and accreditation process, and which can contribute to a qualification

Informal learning


refers to learning activities undertaken throughout life for the development of competencies

Lifelong learning


refers to learning that has been acquired in addition or alternatively to formal learning

Nonformal learning


refers to what a learner can be expected to know, understand and/or demonstrate as a result of a learning experience

Learning outcomes


refers to the quality assured national system for the development, recognition, and award of qualifications at defined levels

Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF)


refers to learning activities such as online training, local/international seminars/nondegree courses, institution/company-sponsored training programs and the like

Self-directed learning


Section 4. Strengthening the CPD Programs

- enhance and upgrade the competencies and qualifications of professionals for the practice of their professions pursuant to the PQF, the AQRF and the ASEAN MRAs
- enhance international alignment
- ensure the development of quality
- ensure maintenance of core competencies
- recognize and ensure the contributions of professionals in uplifting the general welfare, economic growth and development of the nation


Section 5. Nature of CDP Programs

- formal learning
- nonformal learning
- informal learning
- self-directed learning
- online learning activities
- professional work experience


Section 6. Powers, Functions and Responsibilities pf the PRC and the PRBs

- organize CPD Councils for each of the regulated professions
- review existing and new CPD Programs
- formulate, issue, and promulgate guidelines and procedures for implementation of CPD programs
- coordinate with the academe, concerned government agencies, and other stakeholders in the implementation of the CPD programs
- coordinate with concerned government agencies in the development of mechanisms and guidelines, in the grant and transfer of credit units earned


Section 7. CPD Council

- each regulated profession shall create a CPD council by their PRBs with:
✔ one chairperson
✔ two members


The chairperson shall be

- member of the PRB


The first member shall be

the president or officer of the AIPO/APO duly authorized by its Board of Trustees/Governors


The second member shall be

the president or officer of the national organization of deas or department chairpersons


In the absence of APOs the PRB shall submit within ten (10) working days three (3) recommendees from the _________ designated within (____) working days
*for 1st and 2nd member

1st member: national professional organization; 30
2nd member: academe; 20


Term of office for the CPD Council Chairperson

COTERMINOUS with his/her incumbency in the PRB


Term of office for the CPD Council Members

2 years


Section 8. Powers, Functions and Responsibilities of the CPD Council

- ensure adequate and appropriate provision of CPD programs
- evaluate and act application for accreditation of CPF providers
- monitor and evaluate implementation of the CPD programs
- assess and/or upgrade the criteria fro accreditation on a regular basis
- develop mechanisms for the validation, accreditation, and recognition of self directed learning
- conduct researches, studies and benchmarking
- issue operational guidelines


Section 9.

Secretariat - provide technical, administrative and operational support to the CPD councils and the PRBs
headed by an EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR appointed by the PRC


Section 10

CPD as Mandatory Requirement in the Renewal of Professional License and Accreditation System for the Practice of Professions