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What is a closed ended question?

Respondents must choose from a limited range of possible answers that the researcher has decided in advance


What is an open ended question?

Respondents are free to give whatever answer they wish


Name 6 advantages of questionnaires

-detachment & objectivity
-hypothesis testing


How are questionnaires practical?

They are a quick and cheap means of gathering large amounts of data from large amounts of data from large amounts of people, widely spread geographically, especially if a postal or online questionnaire is used


Give an example of how questionnaires are practical

Helen Connor & Sara Dewson (2001)
Posted nearly 4,000 questionnaires to students at 14 higher education institutions around the country in their study of the factors influencing the decisions of w/c students to go to university


Give 2 more practical advantages of questionnaires

-there is no need to recruit and train interviewers or observers to collect the data, because respondents complete and return the questionnaires themselves
-the data is usually easy to quantify, particularly where pre-coded closed ended questions are used, and can be processed quickly by computer to reveal the relationships between different variables