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what is quality

it is the standard of a product. it is different between consumers and producers


what are the factors of quality control

-only used by manufacturers
-inspectors check items at the end of production
-aims to clarify or remove flawed products before sale


what are the pros of quality control

-recycling the less quality products and selling them off at cheaper price


what are the cons of quality control

-wasted products
-inefficient as flaws aren’t found until nearer the end of the production
-testing may result in destroyed goods


what are the factors of quality assurance

-used by manufacturers
-operates during production and inspectors check at the end
-quality is known by staff all through training
-aims for no flawed products


what is the pros of quality assurance

-flaws are fixed when they occur
-reduce waste
-more efficient way of assessing quality


what are the cons of quality assurance

-staff participation and training essential which is expensive


what is quality management

this is the continual improvement method of assessing quality


what are the factors of quality management

-used by both manufacturers and service providers
-aim to get everything correct first time as no errors are allowed
-consumers needs and wants are superior


what are the pros of quality management

-every aspect is always considered
-sets high standard and improves quality
-focus on team work and search for improvement


what are the cons of quality management

-need commited staff
-regular training
-regular performance reviews


what is quality standards

the standard is a published and well known specification used as a guideline by the org

it has a sign of symbol which shows the standard is reached


what does the BSI (british standards institute) do

it identifies that the tested products meet the British, European and international standards


what are the advantages of achieving a standard with BSI

-customers are guaranteed quality
-symbol can be used as marketing
-allows higher price to be charged


what are the disadvantages of achieving a standard with BSI

-standard needs to be maintained
-record is needed to justify the continued awarding of standard


what is benchmarking

it compares business performance to the best performers in the industry


orgs can be benchmarked in different aspects of performance. what does this involve

-researching what customers class as the best org
-reviewing the benchmark to identify why they are successful
-applying techniques to improve performance


what are the advantages of benchmarking

-identifies the best practices
-improves performance
-minimises business failure


what are the disadvantages of benchmarking

-costly to change practices
-time consuming to research


what is a quality circle

it involves groups of employees from different depts to meet and improve quality


what are the advantages of a quality circle

-staff empowerment
-staff share best practices
-improves staff skills


what are the disadvantages of a quality circle

-best people might not be in the circle
-takes time and money
-no guarantee that it will work


what is a mystery shopper

an appointed person who acts normal as a customer but then reports back after their experience


what are the advantages of a mystery shopper

-gives realistic feedback
-helps identify any weaknesses
-ensures complaints are taken correct


what are the disadvantages of a mystery shopper

-could be a bad day so doesn’t give normal practice
-costly and time
-could be bias as it is one reporter


how does improving quality input work

-better machinery means less flaws
-staff are trained well then good quality service
-reduces complains


how does technology support stock activities

-can order from supplier through internet
-barcodes etc helps organise
-customer reviews on social media


how does technology support the production process

-products are designed through cad
-special robots who do the same over and over
-lasers cut materials with precision


what are the advantages of machinery/technology

-product quality is consistent
-output amount is greater than labour
-robots don’t lose motivation


what are the disadvantages of technology/machinery

-staff training is expensive
-machines aren’t flexible
-problems could have a knock on effect