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Is there sufficient CV response?

RHR < 50% of APMHR
BP < 20% variability
ECG is normal


Is there sufficient respiratory response

PaO2/FiO2 > 300
SpO2 > 90%
less than 4% decrease in SpO2
respiratory pattern is satisfactory
mechanical ventilation is maintainable


favorable factors for mobilization

body temp < 38 degrees Celsius
stable Hgb and platelet count
blood glucose 3.5- 20 mmol/.L
good pt. appearance (no SOB, fatigue or chest pain)
stable ECG
no neuro or orthopedic conditions
pt. consent


signs they are tolerating mobilization

appropriate incremental increase in HR
stable ECG
PaO2/FiO2 > 300, SpO2 >90% with < 4 % decrease
pt. appears unstressed


unsure if they are tolerating

ectopic beats
pt. appears distressed
decrease in PaO2/FiO2
excessive increase in HR


signs they are not tolerating mobilization

excessive increase in HR or BP plus signs of CV stress
increase in ectopic beats
arrhythmia plus hemodynamic instability
pt. appears distressed


contraindications for OOB exercise

SpO2< 90%
HFOV ventilation
prone positioning
uncontrolled bleeding
unstable fracture
uncontrolled seizures
cardiac ischemia
pacemaker with dependent rhythm
femoral IABP
deeply sedated
very agitated or combative
spinal precautions
ventricular rate > 150 bpm


safe criterion for in an dOOB mobilization for FiO2 is...



what is room FiO2



what are the major criteria for terminating a mobilization

decrease RHR
new abnormal heart rhythms
desaturation (> 4% decrease)
SBP > 180 mmHg
RR <5 or > 40 breaths/min