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Behavioural Approach to Explaining Phobias-Watson and Rayner-Method

They gave Little Albert a white rat to play with. He shown no anxiety towards it. The experimenters set out to give him a phobia of the white rat. Whenever the rat has near they made a loud, frightening noise by banging an iron bar with a hammer close to Albert's Ear. This frightened him


Behavioural Approach to Explaining Phobias-Watson and Rayner-Results

After a few times of that pairing, Albert had learnt to associate the noise and feeling scared with the rat. He had developed a phobia of it. The phobia was generalised to all similar things as well as the rat. For example, when Watson wore a Santa clause mask made of cotton balls, Albert displaced distressed as this


Systematic Desensitisation is Effective-Gilroy-Method

He followed up on 42 patients who had been treated for arachnophobia in three 45 minutes sessions of systematic desensitisation. Spider Phobia was assessed on the Spider Questionnaire and by assessing response to a spider. A control group was treated with relaxation but without exposure


Systematic Desensitisation is Effective-Gilroy-Results

At both 3 and 33 months, the Systematic Desensitisation group were less fearful than the relaxation group


Supports Becks Cognitive Theory-Grazioli and Terry-Method

They assessed 65 pregnant women for cognitive vulnerability and depression before and after birth


Supports Becks Cognitive Theory-Grazioli and Terry-Results

The women who were judged to have a high cognitive vulnerability were more likely to suffer from post natal depression


CBT is Effective-March-Method

He compared the effects of CBT with antidepressant drugs and a combination of the two in 327 adolescents diagnosed with depression


CBT is Effective-March-Results

After 36 weeks, 81% of the CBT group, 81% of the antidepressant group and 86% of the combination group were significantly improved


Supports Genetic Explanations-Nestadt-Method

He reviewed twin studies


Supports Genetic Explanations-Nestadt-Results

He found out that 68% of identical twins shared OCD, while only 31% of non identical twins shared OCD


Environmental Risk-Cromer-Results

He found out that over half of OCD patients in their sample had a traumatic event in the past, and that OCD was more severe in those with more than one trauma


Drug Therapy is Effective-Soomro-Method

He reviewed studies comparing SSRI's to placebos in OCD treatment


Drug Therapy is Effective-Soomro-Results

All studies showed significantly better results for SSRI treatment