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Validity vs reliability

Validity - measures what it should
Reliability - is consistent


R value vs P value on graphs

R value - measures correlation (higher R = higher relation)
P value - measures significance, so smaller the value the more stronger the result; if p value is < 0.05 then reject null hypothesis


What is the difference between the independent and dependent variable?

Independent variable - the treatment/intervention that's manipulated by the researcher; also known as 'manipulated variable' or 'control variable'

Dependent variable - the outcome variable that's measured and not directly manipulated by research; also known as "output variable" or "measured variable"


What is the Pearson Correlation?

0 = weakest correlation
+1 = as one variable increases, so does the other; strong correlation
-1 = as one variable goes down the other goes up, strong correlation


What is response bias?

Participants don't have insight into their state & give inaccurate responses


Difference between between- subject and within-subject

Within-subject - comparing same group at different times
Between-subject - comparing two different groups


Type 1 vs Type 2 error

Type 1 - incorrectly concluding there's an effect
Type 2 - incorrectly concluding there's no effect