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Section 3.27. PIC

The PIC is renewable every three (3) years upon compliance with the requirements set by law.


Section 8.2.4. Accreditation of CPD Programs

provider shall apply for accreditation of its program to the CPD Council
provider shall indicate the number of times the program will be offered for monitoring purposes


Section 10.

10.1. The implementation shall provide a transition period.
10.2. During the transition the ff will be observed:
- Professionals working overseas are not covered by the CPD
- Newly licensed are not covered by the CPD for the first renewal cycle after obtaining their license
- Various CPDs shall reduce the required CPD credit units to a minimum, which shall not be more than fifteen (15)


Section 11. Recognition of Credit Units

All duly validated and recognized CPD credit units earned by a professional shall, among others, be accumulated and transferred in accordance with the pathways and equivalencies of the PQF.


Section 14. Presumptive Approval

All CPD programs shall be deemed approved after ten (10) working days or if no feedback from the CPD Council


Section 15. Supplementary Provisions

CPD Councils are given a period of one (1) month to consult with their stakeholders for the review of their Operational Guidelines and to accordingly amend the same to conform with this issuance.


Date of Approval of PRC Resolution no. 1146 s. 2019

February 7, 2019