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To evaluate a client's cerebellar function, a nurse should ask?

"Do you have any problems with balance?"


What safety actions does the nurse need to take for a client receiving oxygen therapy who is undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)?

Ensure that no client care equipment containing metal enters the room where the MRI is located


A typical spinal cord functions as a "highway" for sensory and descending motor neurons, providing conduction of impulses to and from the brain. The spinal cord is surrounded and protected by bony vertebrae, and ends between the

first and second lumbar vertebrae


The nurse is completing the physical assessment of a client suspected of a neurological disorder. The client reports having recently suffered a head trauma. In such a case, the nurse should:

not move or manipulate the client's head while assessing for bleeding or swelling


A 78-year-old resident of a long-term care facility has left the majority of his supper tray untouched, and the nurse has asked him about the reason for this. The resident states, “For a long time now, food just doesn't taste as well as it used to.” The nurse should be aware that the etiology of this problem is most likely to involve

Age-related changes to the neurological system


A client is scheduled for an EEG. The client asks about any diet-related prerequisites before the EEG. Which diet-related advice should the nurse provide to the client?

Avoid taking sedative drugs or drinks that contain caffeine for at least 8 hours before the test


Which term refers to the inability to coordinate muscle movements, resulting in difficulty walking?



A client is brought to the ER following a motor vehicle accident in which he sustained head trauma. Preliminary assessment reveals a vision deficit in the client's left eye. The nurse should associate this abnormal finding with trauma to what cerebral lobe?



A nurse is caring for a client diagnosed with Ménière disease. While completing a neurologic examination on the client, the nurse assesses cranial nerve VIII. The nurse would be correct in identifying the function of this nerve as what?

Hearing and equilibrium


The nurse is performing a neurologic assessment of a client whose injuries have rendered her unable to follow verbal commands. How should the nurse proceed with assessing the client's level of consciousness (LOC)?

Assess the client's eye opening and response to stimuli.