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(Fill in the blank) Andrew wants the type of lease that rests the highest degree of responsibility for control of the property and payment of operating costs with the tenant. This is a ___________ lease.

a. gross
b. net
c. double-net
d. triple-net

d. triple-net


The facility manager has heard a rumor that a rather new tenant might have to vacate the property before the end of its lease. In this situation, the initial buyout offer should come from the:

a. tenant.
b. landlord.
c. city.
d. state.

a. tenant.


(Fill in the blank) In contrast to the facility management perspective, Margot's real estate organization views the facility as a building, a commercial property designed to produce revenue. This exemplifies the ___________ view.

a. inside-out
b. outside-in
c. top-down
d. bottom-up

b. outside-in


(Fill in the blank) Among the many facility activities in which he is engaged, George should concentrate on ___________ if he wants to yield the best financial and qualitative performance.

a. good strategizing
b. salient negotiation
c. deliberate referencing
d. careful communication

a. good strategizing


(Fill in the blank) "In the final analysis," Greg correctly explained, "it's ___________ who is most qualified to determine if you are providing quality service."

a. the customer
b. the government
c. upper management
d. facilities management

a. the customer


(Fill in the blank) Penelope is planning a department meeting in which decisions will be made. She should remember that decisions determined by ___________ tend to be the most successful.

a. directive
b. majority rule
c. random chance
d. group consensus

d. group consensus


The new facility manager soon realizes that he is facing one of the most common communications challenges facility managers face, which is:

a. making budgetary requests.
b. adapting to new technology.
c. explaining technical issues in nontechnical terms.
d. explaining to subordinates why they are being disciplined or fired.

c. explaining technical issues in nontechnical terms.


Woodrow won't get bogged down in trivial matters, nor will he start out on the wrong foot. He knows that the first key to successful management of facility information is to:

a. assess the existing data.
b. analyze the data for trends.
c. secure management support.
d. incorporate findings into strategies.

a. assess the existing data.


Which of the following is a not a benchmark that a facility manager can use to evaluate the success of parking operations?

a. customer satisfaction
b. cost per square foot
c. number of insurance claims
d. square footage of the area

d. square footage of the area


For the property manager to measure the various building services, she should:

a. designate a deputy property manager.
b. ensure a fast and fair promotion track.
c. administer a customer satisfaction survey.
d. computerize as many operations as possible.

c. administer a customer satisfaction survey.


Drew is in the middle of the build-out project and has asked for the preliminary pricing plan. This plan will determine the build-out's:

a. general construction and installation costs.
b. fit into the overall flow of each building.
c. manner in which each subcontractor will be paid.
d. expected useful life in the building.

a. general construction and installation costs.


(Fill in the blank) In her work on defining the need for a space delivery project, Denise uses the ___________ approach, which focuses on the allocation of space by functional need.

a. needs-based
b. reality-based
c. inside-out
d. outside-in

c. inside-out


(Fill in the blank) By developing contingency plans, the facility manager shows that he is the ___________ phase of the project.

a. feasibility
b. strategy
c. implementation
d. follow-through

b. strategy


XYZ Electronics is considering purchasing commercial property. In order to avoid environmental liability, it must obtain:

a. police clearance.
b. an EPA certificate.
c. an environmental impact statement.
d. a quit deed from the previous owner.

c. an environmental impact statement.


(Fill in the blank) If Chen's company is at all typical, he should find that the facility management department budget is heavily weighted toward __________ costs.

a. personnel
b. investment
c. research and development
d. equipment and operations

d. equipment and operations


A&B Office Products has owned its office building for several decades. It has maintained the building quite well and, as a result, the building has retained its value. This building is considered a(n):

a. asset.
b. liability.
c. fixed expense.
d. variable expense.

a. asset.


Geraldine will be combining similar activities into functional areas in preparation of specifications. She is best advised to group staff into:

a. increasing order of expense.
b. decreasing order of expense.
c. logical functional categories.
d. physical location in the building.

c. logical functional categories.


(Fill in the blank) The facility manager should remember that ____________ generally implies a wider range of service delivery and greater management responsibility by the service provider.

a. out-tasking
b. outsourcing
c. contracting
d. retraining

b. outsourcing


The facility manager knows that the most challenging part of recruiting process when hiring an employee for her department is:

a. complying with regulations.
b. writing an accurate job description.
c. deciding how to advertise the position.
d. consulting with expert in the field.

b. writing an accurate job description.


(Fill in the blank) Lately Margaret has been working with colleagues on the ___________, her profession's promise to society to monitor its members particularly in the areas not expressly covered by law.

a. by-laws
b. constitution
c. standards of procedure
d. professional code of ethics

d. professional code of ethics